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Our Pool Remodeling Services

While we offer complete pool renovation services, we can also perform specific individual pool remodeling projects, including:

The Signs It’s Time to Update Your Pool

The need for a remodel often stems from an outdated pool system or style or a problem with your pool equipment.

Here are some signs that you might be ready for a pool remodel:

  • Leakage—Depending on how long the pool has been leaking, irreversible effects on your pool’s concrete substructure may have already taken place. Renovation may be the best solution to ensure your pool is free of issues in the future.
  • Outdated equipment—If you’re dealing with frequent leaks, excess noises when the equipment runs, or general inefficiencies, it may be time for a new pump, plumbing, or filter system to be installed. Keeping your equipment up to date can lower the cost of pool operations and repairs over time.
  • Outdated lighting—Broken or failing lights are unreliable and present a safety issue for the whole family. While it may be due to an electrical problem rather than a bulb going out, a remodel would allow our team the chance to repair any underlying issues and upgrade your system. We recommend using LED lights for ultimate efficiency in terms of reach and cost.
  • Outdated pool style—Don’t settle for a pool style that you don’t love! A complete pool renovation will help you get the design and look you want and will ensure the substructure is in quality condition.
  • Faded deck—Just like your pool, it’s important to be on the lookout for some telltale signs that your pool deck could benefit from a renovation:
    • Natural growth (algae, mold, weeds, etc.)
    • Chipped paint, scratches, and scuffs
    • Fading color due to sun exposure
    • Cracks and fractures
    • Outdated design
    • Chemical stains
  • Luxury feature additions—Do you enjoy entertaining but have a hard time due to your current backyard setup? Is your pool and deck area missing exciting features? Whether it’s an entertainment area, spa, hot tub, or another exciting feature, a pool remodel can help you get the additions you want.

How to Upgrade Your Pool with Luxury Pool Features

ASP offers a variety of modern and luxury features that can add a finishing touch to any remodeling project completed. Transforming your pool and deck area into a tranquil spa or a sleek hideaway is easy with these exciting features:

  • Spa area—Whether you want a pool heater, hot tub, or relaxing waterfall, a spa area can either be added to the main pool body or the pool can be extended to make room for new additions.
  • Water features—Whether it’s a waterfall, bubbler, mist, water wall, or upcycled fixture, we can ensure an easy design and installation process.
  • Fire pits—A fireplace or fire pit adds additional light to your pool area, serves as a source of warmth, and you can even cook with it! Our team has both gas and wood options available.
  • Custom rock features—Our custom rock features are a great way to improve the overall aesthetic of your pool. Our team can create the style you’re looking for with our custom rock feature design and installation services.
  • Sun shelf—A swimming pool sun shelf is a long and flat surface that’s built right below the water. Having a sun shelf allows you to enjoy the refreshing pool water all while catching some rays at the same time, it is also great for introducing young children to water or even dipping your feet in without having to change into a bathing suit.
  • Pool slide—If your swimming pool’s deep side is at least 36 inches in depth, you can add a water slide. It’s a fun option for kids and adults alike!

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Don’t spend another pool season in need of a remodel! Get the oasis you deserve with pool renovation and remodel services from America’s Swimming Pool Company for commercial and residential pools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to remodel a pool?

Pool remodeling costs vary. Small projects addressing just a single component may cost as little as $4,000 while larger projects can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The best way to estimate your project is with a custom quote from the ASP location nearest you.

The price of your specific pool remodel or renovation depends on a variety of factors including the repairs needed for the foundation of your pool, the location of the pool, as well as the upgrades, renovations, and installations desired. We work with a variety of budgets!

What is the best time to remodel a pool?

The best time to remodel your pool is sometime between fall and winter. Why? For one, this is the offseason for swimming. Secondly, this gives our team plenty of time to complete the project well before you’ll need your pool again.

How long does a pool remodeling project take?

Most pool remodeling projects take anywhere from two to eight weeks. This estimated range accounts for the inspection and planning stage, as well as the demolition, construction, and resurfacing of the pool.

Do you need a permit to remodel a pool?

Yes, in most cases, permits will be required. This will depend on local ordinances.

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