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Every day, America’s Swimming Pool Company provides homeowners high-quality and professional pool remodeling and pool renovation services. We work to help families coast to coast breathe new life into their swimming pool and backyard space.

At ASP, we believe that all homeowners deserve the perfect oasis in their backyard. From adding playful water features, beautiful rock décor, or completing a full resurfacing, our pool professionals are trained and certified to deliver just about any pool remodeling or renovation service you could need to bring your vision to life.

And if you don’t have any idea where to start, no worries – our pool experts will be there with you every step of the way, answering any questions you may have in terms of design and installation.

Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Swimming Pool

Even the most expensive, beautiful-looking pool will need remodeling after some time. In order to prevent expensive repairs that need to be done before your remodel can be completed, it’s important to know some of the common warning signs. These include:


While some homeowners will assume that pool remodels and renovations are strictly for aesthetic purposes, this is far from the case. Physical damage and its effects can be a reason to complete a full overhaul of the pool.

While a repair on something like a cracked pool wall can provide immediate relief and some thereafter, there may be an underlying issue at play that will cause the leak to reappear after some time. This is usually due to poor installation or construction materials.

Depending on how long the pool has been leaking, irreversible effects on your pool’s concrete substructure may have already taken place. In this case, a complete renovation would be the best solution to ensure your pool is free of issues in the future.

Inefficient Energy Usage

When was your pool built? If your answer is more than 10 years ago, it’s time for an upgrade! Not only to protect the earth, but to protect your wallet as well. All of our renovation and remodeling services utilize eco-friendly and energy-efficient designs to help you do your part and lower your utility bills in the process.

Outdated Pump, Filter, and Plumbing

Your pump, filter, and plumbing are essential to keeping your pool crystal clear all year long. The most common reason why any of these components would need to be replaced is due to age. It’s important to be on the lookout for some of these common warning signs of pump, filter, and plumbing issues:

  • Loud vibrations, humming, and rumbles
  • Excessive grinding and screeching noise
  • Bubbles in swimming pool
  • Loss of suction and pressure
  • Pool requires frequent cleaning
  • Frequent breaker box issues

Outdated Equipment

If your pool was installed over 10 years ago, there’s a chance that the equipment installed is also outdated. If you’re dealing with frequent leaks, excess noises when the equipment runs, or general inefficiency when it comes to cleaning operations, it may be time for a new pump or filter system to be installed. This lowers the cost of pool operations over time.

Modern swimming pool equipment also offers a far better convenience as well. Newer systems installed can connect to your cell phone, allowing for automation on a custom schedule so traveling to the control box is becoming a thing of the past.

Outdated Lighting

Although this may not be the biggest reason you may decide to remodel your pool, it’s one to consider. Outdated, broken, or failing lights are incredibly unreliable and present a safety issue for the whole family, especially any children or pets you have.

While it may be due to an electrical problem rather than a bulb going out, a remodel would allow our team the chance to repair any underlying issues and upgrade your system. Instead of using traditional incandescent bulbs, our team can utilize LED lights for ultimate efficiency in terms of reach and cost.

Depending on the style you’re looking to achieve, you may even want to upgrade color-changing lights, ensuring your next pool party doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down.

Outdated Pool Style

While some vintage pools have charm, outdated pool style may be doing more harm than good. Not only is it not as eco-friendly and energy efficient as it could be, but the outdated design may also not be the one you’ve been dreaming of. Whatever the case is, a complete pool renovation will ensure the substructure is in quality condition and the overall design fits your unique taste.

Faded Deck

Your pool deck needs some love too! Just like your pool, it’s important to be on the lookout for some telltale signs that it could benefit from a renovation:

  • Natural growth (algae, mold, weeds, etc.)
  • Chipped paint, scratches, and scuffs
  • Fading color due to sun exposure
  • Cracks and fractures
  • Wood rot
  • Outdated design
  • Chemical stains

Limited Features

Do you enjoy hosting and entertaining but have a hard time due to your current backyard setup? Is your pool and deck area missing crucial features? Whether it’s a grill, entertainment area, spa, fireplace, or hot tub, completing a pool remodel and renovation can help you turn your dream pool into a reality.

Outgrown Size of Pool

Sometimes, the current size of your pool may just not be cutting it for you or your family anymore. Whether there’s not enough room for all your family to comfortably swim or you’re ready to reclaim your yard’s space and downsize a bit, your pool renovation can be customized to fit the activities you and your family like to do.

We Provide Complete Renovation and Individual Remodeling Services for Your Pool

While we offer complete renovation and overhaul services of your pool, we can also perform the specific indicial remodeling services you need completed. Some of the most common remodeling services our pool professionals complete include:

Resurfacing & Replastering

After some time, pool surfaces will begin to wear down. This can not only make your pool look dirty and feel uncomfortable on your feet, but it can also cause cracks and leaks. The easiest and most effective way to restore the appearance of your pool is by having professional resurfacing and replastering services completed.

Our professionals will remove any damaged material, apply a bonding agent and apply the new surface material of your choice. Your swimming pool will look brand new!


When even one tile is cracked or missing, your pool can lose its visual appeal. Additionally, depending on the location of the tile, it can create a huge safety hazard for you and your family. Whether you need your waterline, trim, spillway, or raised bond beams retiled, you can rest assured our team will deliver a flawless finish that breathes new life into your home’s swimming pool.

Pool Deck Remodeling

Your pool is only as good as your pool deck! Whether your deck is showing signs of sun exposure, weather damage, wood rot, or is starting to develop cracks, it’s time for a remodel. Our team can work with you to ensure your new deck has all the features you need, as well as contributes to your backyard’s overall aesthetic.

Liner Repair & Replacement

Your pool liner’s appearance is crucial to your pool’s appeal, and after 10 years or so, your pool’s lining, color, and details will begin to show signs a repair or replacement is needed. Some warning signs it’s time to replace your pool’s liner include:

  • Wrinkles
  • Cracking
  • Tearing
  • Leaks
  • Fading
  • Stains
  • Discoloration
  • Slipping

Plumbing Update

To ensure your pool is eco-friendly and easy on the wallet, you may want to consider updating your pool’s plumbing system. Today’s swimming pool plumbing technology is impressive and ensures your swimming pool is as reliable as can be. Whether you need an individual part replaced or the whole system upgraded, ASP can provide your system the proper plumbing updates and upgrades it needs.

Lighting Installation

Any type of lighting in or around the pool can be installed by our team. Whether you’re looking to highlight some landscaping features or your newly installed hot tub, having quality, reliable lighting can turn your property into an oasis you can enjoy with family and friends all night long.

Salt Water Chlorination System Installation

Our team specializes in installing all types of salt chlorine generators. Some benefits of adding a salt water chlorination system to your pool include:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Easy to automate
  • No discoloration of suit or hair
  • Softer on skin, eyes, and hair
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Cost-effective over time
  • Extremely versatile for hot tub usage

Modern & Luxury Feature Additions

Our team offers a variety of modern and luxury features that can add the finishing touch to any remodeling project completed with our team. Whether you’re looking to transform your pool and deck area into a tranquil spa or a sleek hideaway, we’re excited to hear what you have in mind.

Spa Area

If you’re looking to add a spa area to your existing pool, ASP can help. Whether you need to install a pool heater, hot tub, or relaxing waterfall, a spa area can either be added to the main pool body or the pool can be extended to make room for the new additions. Whatever you decide to do, your new spa functions will allow you to enjoy all the benefits that come with a home spa-like maintaining good skin health and a place to destress.

Water Features

Water features are a great way to upgrade your space without breaking the bank. With endless options available, our team of pool professionals can help pick out the perfect addition for your outdoor oasis. Whether it’s a waterfall, bubbler, mist, water wall, or upcycled fixture, you can ensure an easy design and installation process.

LED Lighting

Pool lighting has made leaps and bounds in the past decade. LED lights are becoming the standard pool light installed for a few reasons:

  • Programmable – LED lights are far more advanced than traditional incandescent bulbs. With the right system, your pool’s LED lights can easily be automated and even change colors!
  • Energy Efficiency – While traditional bulbs are usually less expensive, the price difference is no match for the overall savings you’ll have from deciding on LED pool lighting.
  • Fewer Maintenance Calls – LED lights are designed to last a very long time. Well over 20,000 hours. Because of this, they require far less maintenance – which is a good thing for your wallet.
  • Increase Visibility – Generally, LED lights are a much more effective way to enhance visibility both in and out of the pool than the bulbs of the past. This can help ensure the safety of your family and pets.

Fire Pits

Adding a fire feature around your pool area can benefit your entertainment space in many ways. Not only can adding a fireplace or fire pit add additional light once the sun goes down, but it can also serve as a source of warmth on those chilly nights. You can even cook with it! With both gas and wood options available, contact our team to explore our menu of fire features!


It just doesn’t look like a true oasis or hideaway without a stunning waterfall to enjoy and drown out the noise of the world. Waterfalls are a great option to take your pool to the next level. When you work with our team, we’ll discuss your design preferences to design and install the perfect waterfall for you and your family to make new memories around.

Custom Rock Features

Our custom rock features are a great way to improve the overall aesthetic of your backyard. Regardless of the design you’re looking to achieve with your new pool remodel, we can create the style you’re looking for via our custom rock feature design and installation services. The possibilities are endless!

Sun Shelf

A swimming pool sun shelf is a long and flat surface that is built right below the water. They are usually found in the shallow end of the swimming pool, providing easy access via steps and a great view of the rest of the pool. Having a sun shelf allows you to enjoy the refreshing pool water all while catching some rays at the same time.

Since sun shelves aren’t deep, they are a great place to introduce young children to water or even dip your feet in without having to change into a bathing suit. We’re able to add a sun shelf to virtually any pool!

Pool Slide

If your swimming pool’s deep side is at least 36 inches in depth, you can add a water slide to your swimming pool. A great option for kids and adults alike, adding a water slide can help your family make memories that will last a lifetime. With our easy design and installation process, we’ll be able to add a water slide your family will be proud of!

Before & After Gallery

Thinking about renovating your swimming pool? Be sure to check out these before and after photos of some of the projects we’ve completed for hundreds of homeowners coast to coast:

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate My Pool?

It can be very difficult to estimate the cost of pool renovation as it can cost anywhere from $4,000 for a small project, all the way to $100,000 for a full backyard transformation. The price of your specific pool remodel or renovation depends on a variety of factors that include the types of repairs needed for the foundation of your pool, the location of the pool, as well as the types of upgrades, renovations, and installations desired.

The best way to find out how much your renovations are going to cost is by scheduling an inspection and estimate with one of our ASP locations. They will be able to learn about your pool’s current condition, as well as any ideas you may have. We work with a variety of budgets!

Here’s What’s Involved in the Pool Remodeling Process

At America’s Swimming Pool Company, we abide by a strict code of ethics and national standards to ensure every remodeling project our team completes is of the highest quality. We’re able to do this by having all of our owners and team members go through extensive training to master our remodeling process.

For Just the Pool

When you choose to remodel your pool, one option is to remodel just the pool alone. The specific remodeling process depends on the type of material your pool is constructed out of. After an initial consultation and estimate, we’ll begin the appropriate remodeling process:

Plaster & Concrete Pools

Plaster and concrete pools are the most common types of swimming pools our teams work with.

To begin, our team will completely drain the pool via a pump. Once the pool is empty, we’ll complete any repairs needed. Via chipping, sandblaster, or high-pressure water, we’ll clear away the old and damaged plaster. This gives us a clean and even surface to apply the proper bonding agent. This ensures the new plaster will be able to adhere to the pool correctly.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are insanely durable but aren’t invincible by any means. They are low maintenance and usually don’t require any sort of major resurfacing down the road.

To begin, our team will completely drain your pool and complete any repairs that need to be completed, including reinforcements to the foundation and substructure of the pool. At this point, our team will assess for any damage and fill in cracks and crevices with resin and fiberglass. After this, it's sanded down to the correct texture. Then, up to three coats of sealant are applied to finish the job. Once it’s completed and dry, the pool can be refilled!

Vinyl Pools

In many cases, completing a remodel of a vinyl pool is much more complicated than simply replacing the inner vinyl lining. It’s important to have all the areas around the pool be inspected to ensure the foundation does not require any type of repair.

To begin, our team completely drains the pool via a pump and finishes any necessary repairs. After this, we’ll remove the lining of the pool, as well as any of the deck that needs to be replaced or removed. At this point, any foundation reinforcements will be made to ensure the pool is structurally sound. The new vinyl coping and the lining are then installed and the pool is refilled.

For More Than Just the Pool

If you’re thinking about remodeling your whole backyard space, in addition to your pool, we can help! Whether you need some more space to cook, entertain, or layout, our comprehensive and full-service remodeling services can help you achieve your dream backyard in no time at all. Some of the other backyard enhancements to consider include:

  • Extend the size of the pool
  • Spa features
  • Fencing
  • New pool deck
  • Refresh landscape design
  • Fire features
  • Water features
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Hot tub
  • Patio space
  • Plunge pool
  • Pool speakers
  • Outdoor bar
  • Seating area

In many ways, your swimming pool is the star of the show, but cannot do it all alone. In order to get the most out of your next pool renovation, connect with our team – we’ll help ensure all of your new backyard projects work together to achieve your vision.

Where Can I Get Ideas for the Redesign and Renovation of My Pool?

Everyone loves a beautiful pool. This means that there are endless sources and examples to pull inspiration from for your pool’s overhaul. Whether you’re searching for tropical vibes or something a bit more modern and simplistic, Pinterest can be a great place to begin searching for new ideas. A digital mood board of the pools and outdoor spaces you like can be the perfect spark to uncover what you want.

You can even check out our blog for various ideas of what types of features to add to your existing swimming pool.

We Also Provide Commercial Swimming Pool Remodeling Services

Commercial swimming pools can be a bit more complex than their residential counterpart, so it’s important to ensure you only have certified and experienced technicians perform service. Whether you own or manage a commercial or public swimming pool, you can rely on our team to help you maximize your next investment.

Additionally, if it’s simply time to remodel and bring your commercial pool up to speed, we’re able to help with that too! Call today to explore our commercial pool remodeling services.

Pool Remodeling Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking to remodel your home or business’s swimming pool? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our remodeling and renovation services.

What is the Best Time of the Year to Remodel My Pool?

The best time to remodel your pool is sometime between fall and winter. Why? For one, this is the offseason for swimming, so while any remodeling services are being completed, you won’t be missing out on the chance to swim because you wouldn’t swim during that time normally.

Additionally, this gives our team plenty of time to complete the project well before you’ll need your pool again.

How Long Does a Pool Remodeling Project Usually Take?

Generally speaking, pool remodeling can take anywhere from two to eight weeks in total. This accounts for the inspection and planning stage, as well as the demolition, construction, and resurfacing of the pool. This is just a rough estimate as the length of your pool remodel can depend on the specific fixtures that need to be installed.

How Quickly Can My Pool Be Assessed?

At America’s Swimming Pool Company, we’re proud to offer all customers prompt and attentive service. When you contact one of our locations, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule your initial consultation and assessment. During this meeting, you’ll be able to have any of your questions answered, as well as receive a free estimate for your next project.

How Can I Maintain My Renovated Pool to Maximize Its Life Span?

Renovating a pool is a large long-term investment, so it’s important to ensure you continue to get the most out of it. Having proper maintenance performed not only extends the lifespan of your pool, reduces the need for repairs, and saves you money on operating costs, it also ensures a safer swimming environment for you and the family.

Aside from having our team complete the proper cleaning services and chemical balance checks needed to keep things crystal clear and free of staining, covering your pool in the off-season can prove to also be very beneficial. This will protect your pool from excessive weather damage, as well as keep things clean for the next season.

How Will My Backyard Be Protected During the Reno Process?

Regardless of the size of renovation that needs to be completed, you can rest assured your backyard area will be protected throughout the entire process. From covering your landscaping and furniture to placing down mats to protect your lawn’s grass, our pool technicians always go above and beyond to show the utmost respect to your property and personal belongings.

Are Any Special Permits Required from My City?

In most cases, there are certain design and construction permits you’ll have to get for your new pool renovation, regardless of the specific size. Since this varies by city, it’s important to complete the proper research. You can always reach out to your local ASP location with any questions you have regarding this.

*America’s Swimming Pool Company’s services vary location by location, so be sure to double-check with your local team on their current service offerings.

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