Pool Deck Repair, Resurface, and Remodeling Services

A pool deck is the space surrounding a pool, typically made from wood, concrete, or tile. It enhances the aesthetic of a pool, provides a barrier from surrounding debris like grass and dirt, and creates a secure walking space around the pool. If your pool deck needs some TLC, you need a team of local professionals who are skilled and experienced with pool deck construction and care. 

ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company has helped pool owners across the country remodel, repair, and resurface their pool decks to enhance and maintain their property.

We make repairs and remodeling projects hassle-free so our customers can focus on spending quality time with their friends, family, and loved ones. 

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Our Pool Deck Services

Like pool repairs, we offer a full suite of pool deck services designed to enhance safety, promote access, and maintain your pool for years to come. Our pool deck services include the repairing, resurfacing, and remodeling of pool decks. 

Pool Deck Repair

Small fixes (e.g., chipped concrete or stone, drainage issues) may only require repair. Our pool deck repair service covers everything from a loose tile repair to a larger stone replacement. 

Pool Deck Remodel

Remodeling a swimming pool deck most often requires the full removal of the existing deck and a complete rebuild. During a pool deck remodeling project, homeowners may choose both the material and design, add features like a fire pit or spa, and more! 

Pool Deck Resurface

Pool decks are built to withstand a lot—from baking in the summer sun to chemical exposure—but they may still require resurfacing from time to time. If you’re happy with your deck but it’s showing its age, our resurfacing services use the highest quality materials and time-tested techniques to preserve the existing pool deck surface and prevent the need for future repairs. 

Types of Pool Decks We Service

Your pool deck design defines the look and feel of your outdoor living area and poolscape. There are many beautiful deck finishes and textures that can accommodate your desired design. It should reflect your style and design aesthetic and suit your household’s needs. 

One of the first considerations for any pool deck service is the kind of deck material. From a repair service to fix an existing deck surface, to a remodel for a new look, these are some popular pool deck material choices that our professionals have experience servicing: 

  • Poured concrete – Poured concrete can come in various colors and be stamped to look like tile, brick, or even stone.
  • Wood – Sealed wood is often used for a natural pool deck design.
  • Composite wood –Composite wood contains a plastic material that is made to look like wood.
    Stone decking –Pool deck stones offer a customizable and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. 
  • Pavers – Pavers are manufactured brick, square, or stones usually made from pre-formed cement and aggregates.
  • Tile decks – Unglazed tiles come in a variety of shapes and colors and are a great choice for a luxurious look. 

Whether you need to repair your deck or are ready for a new material, our team can help you discover the best option for your needs. Then we will get to work making your pool deck goals a reality!

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While we specialize in pool deck remodels, repair, and resurfacing, years of expertise and quality training have equipped our team with the knowledge to tackle nearly any pool deck project. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best pool deck resurfacing material?

The best material for your pool deck depends on your design goals and budget. Each material also has different benefits and will meet different needs. For instance, if you have a limited budget and want a long-lasting material, a concrete deck might be the best option for you. However, if you want a more stylish and customizable deck surface, we recommend a tile pool deck. Talk to our team of pool deck professionals to find the best material for your needs. 

Do you need a pool deck?

A pool deck isn’t a necessity if you have an inground pool. However, we highly recommend having one. A pool deck will increase the safety of your pool by providing a flat and clear space to travel around the pool. A pool deck will also help keep the pool water clean by providing a barrier between grass, woodchips, dirt, and other elements in your yard that might get in the water. 

How much does a pool deck cost?

The cost of a pool deck will vary depending on the size of the pool deck, design, material, and difficulty of the terrain. Contact an ASP near you for a pool deck service estimate. 

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  • If your pool isn’t functioning quite right, schedule a pool inspection. We’ll discover the problem and provide you with repair options.
  • You’re on your way to having the perfect pool area! Next step? Get outdoor lighting installation from your local Mister Sparky!

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