Professional Pool-opening Services

As the temperatures warm and pool season approaches, you should be dreaming of fun in the sun—not stressing about all the work ahead of you to open your pool! Our local pool technicians are reliable and highly qualified and will have you swimming in no time.

Request a service online or call (866) 253-0455 to skip the hassle and leave critical opening and prep tasks to the pros.

Opening Your Inground Pool

All too often, we hear that maintenance is a barrier to pool ownership. At ASP—America’s Swimming Pool Company—it’s our goal to make owning a pool or spa easier and more enjoyable. Our inground pool-opening service is designed to be “turnkey.” We handle everything from physically opening the pool (removing the cover) to testing and adjusting pool chemicals. Once our service is completed, your pool is ready for use.

Our Inground Pool-opening Service*

Proper pool opening isn’t an event; it’s a process. Our pool-opening service includes:

  • Removing the cover: The first step in any seasonal opening is to remove the pool cover. Making sure they’re removed without damage and stored correctly will preserve them for another season.
  • Prepping the water or drain line, and removing plugs: During the offseason, your pool’s lines may have been damaged. We often see lines that have split or cracked. As a part of this service, we’ll inspect your pool’s lines for any signs of damage. We’ll also remove plugs, ensuring all of your pool lines are ready for your system to run again.
  • Examining the pool and equipment for any visible damage: We’ll inspect the structure, liner, filter pump, and other equipment to make sure it’s all in good working order. Our technicians are trained to spot wear and, offer additional services to repair or replace anything they find that has been damaged.
  • Cleaning the pool: We’ll remove any debris and skim the pool for leaves, bugs, and more.*
  • Balancing pool water chemistry: To guarantee that your pool is safe to use, we’ll check your pool’s chemical levels, primarily: pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness. We’ll adjust these as needed.*

The Value of Professional Pool-opening

Pool-opening seems relatively easy on the surface, but if done improperly or left incomplete, your family can be subjected to unsafe water and the pool can be damaged. We’re often called on after a DIY pool opening to replace torn pool covers and hoses, repair damaged pumps, and rebalance pool chemicals.

Although some of the steps in pool-opening can be completed successfully by homeowners, don’t risk tasks that you’re unfamiliar with or uncomfortable completing. For peace of mind, rely on our teams for professional pool-opening and pool-closing services.

Find Pool-opening Services Near Me

Opening an inground pool is time-consuming and technical. Make sure your pool is truly ready for the season—and your family and neighbors—with professional pool-opening services from your local ASP. Our certified technicians can professionally open any pool, big or small.

Request service online or call (866) 253-0455 to get started.

Pool-opening FAQs

When is the right time to open a pool?

We recommend opening your pool for the season once the air temperature is consistently 70 degrees or above. Opening your pool too early leaves it vulnerable to late storms and pollen. Waiting too long to open your pool may mean an increase in algae growth and a more difficult opening.

Why is my pool green after the winter?

If your pool water is green, you’ve got algae growth. Over the offseason, your pool’s chemical levels have probably become unbalanced. As a result, the chemicals that combat algae have dropped to levels that no longer stunt its growth.

What does a pool-opening service include?

Our pool opening service includes the most common tasks, including pool-cover removal, basic cleaning, and chemical balancing. We offer pre-season maintenance to address further issues with your pool.

How much does it cost to open a pool?

Pool-opening service costs will vary based on the size of the pool, type, and location. Additionally, repair and replacement services may necessitate additional charges. Contact the location nearest you for a custom estimate.

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*Opening procedures will vary depending on the condition of the pool once the cover is removed. Additional best practices may vary depending on your local ASP.

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