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Our team at ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company helps pool owners remove stains at the bottom of their pools created by algae, lack of pool care, or stagnant water. If the bottom of your pool is stained, our team of pool acid wash professionals can help you. We’ve become the leading swimming pool service company in the nation because we deliver high-quality services and unparalleled customer experiences. We don’t consider a job complete unless our customers are happy with our services.

No matter how complex a job may be, there’s nothing our team can’t handle.

What Is an Acid Wash for Pools?

Acid washing a pool is more than just surface scrubbing. Our pool technicians apply acid wash to remove a thin layer of plaster. With the layer of plaster comes algae, minerals, chlorine, and even dirt stains from the bottom and sides of your pool. These stains are nearly impossible to remove from your pool without the acid wash cleaning process. The result is a freshly exposed layer of clean plaster.

A good way to identify if you need an acid wash is if you can no longer see the bottom of your pool or you have stains that you can not scrub away with normal brushing.

Is Acid Wash Safe?

Our pool technicians apply acid wash to remove a thin layer of plaster. The acid is then carefully removed and no chemicals are left in your pool. The pool is filled with water and pool chemicals are balanced, ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe to swim. To clean your pool, our team will drain it to remove the stains on the bottom and sides of your pool. Since overly frequent acid washes will speed up the need to re-surface your pool, we recommend cleaning your pool with an acid wash only when needed.

We Help You Prepare Your Pool for the Summer!

ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company adheres to a strict code of ethics, which includes offering a high level of service and treating customers with respect. We believe that a pool company shouldn’t just provide quality work, but also unparalleled customer experiences. Our goal is to help our customers prepare their pools for year round fun by letting them leave the dirty work to us. Maintaining a pool takes time and effort, so we are here to help pool owners hand over the work to us. That way, our customers can enjoy themselves without worry or stress.

If you need help removing stains from your pool, get in touch with our pool acid wash experts. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment. ASP guarantees your peace of mind!

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