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If you live in a region that experiences cold winters, you probably close your pool. Closing your pool properly takes time and effort. If your pool isn’t closed the right way, opening your pool in the spring will be more difficult and may require you to repair or replace vital pieces of equipment.

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The Purpose of Closing Your Pool

Closing a pool has multiple benefits, but the biggest is to make opening your pool in the spring easier. Whether you open your pool, or you have us do it for you, proper closing will make this task easier. In the closing process, we remove the debris that will help promote algae growth, which will keep your water cleaner throughout the off-season.

When To Close Your Pool

We recommend closing your pool once the temperature drops or if leaves start falling. If too many leaves fall into your pool, it can cause several problems such as clogging your filtration system. The best time to close the pool is once the water temperature reaches 55 degrees.

What You Need to Close a Pool

To close your pool, you’ll need a pool vacuum, chemicals to make sure you properly balance pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness, a skimmer net, a winter pool cover, and algaecide. Professional pool closers have all the tools and chemicals needed to close your pool and can help you with winter pool cover installation. This will save you time and money trying to gather all the supplies on your own.

Our Pool Closing Process

When it comes time to close your pool, you’ll be faced with a long list of tasks. Make your to-do list one item: Call America’s Swimming Pool Company. Our team is highly trained in every aspect of pool care, including pool closing. Whether you want us to handle the entire process, or even just handle the hard stuff, we can work with you to come up with the plan that gets your pool properly winterized.

Our customizable pool closing plans can include:

  • Removing all debris from the pool’s water, filter, and skimmer
  • Readjusting the water level
  • Testing water and adding chemicals for the winter (like algicide)
  • Draining equipment of excess water to prevent freezing
  • Inspecting and installing a winter cover

The Advantages of Hiring Professional Pool Closers

The biggest advantage to hiring professionals to close your pool is the peace of mind that comes with expertise. Our teams are highly trained with industry-leading methods. Incorrectly closing a pool can not only make work hard in the spring, but you can also cause lasting damage that will cost you money and delay your ability to use your pool next swimming season.

Find Professional Pool Closing Services Near Me

Take the stress out of closing with help from your local swimming pool experts. When it comes time to shut your pool down for the off season, rest easy knowing that we’re here for you and your pool.

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Pool Closing Services FAQs

What should the chlorine level be when closing a pool?

Pool water at closing should have a chlorine level of 1-3 ppm and a pH of 7.2 to 7.6. Because your filter won’t be running, your pool’s water chemistry will be almost solely responsible for keeping your water clean during the off-season.

Should I shock my pool before closing?

Shocking your pool a few days before closing is a good idea to help kill any bacteria or germs in your water. Don’t shock your pool and immediately close your pool, though. After shocking, let your water’s chlorine levels return to normal levels.

Do I need to clean my pool before closing it?

Your pool should always be cleaned before closing - either by you or professionals. Any debris, organic or not, left in your water can help foster algae growth over the off-season leading to a dirtier pool in the spring and a harder pool opening process.

Should I Close My Pool on My Own?

Closing a pool up for winter is a task that can be handled on your own, but hiring professionals to handle the project will give you a properly closed pool without having to worry that you did everything right. Closing a pool isn’t as easy as pulling a cover over the top of the water and hoping for the best. Unless you’re moving out or don’t want to use your pool, closing should be seen as laying the groundwork to make opening in the spring as easy as possible. Hiring professionals that are fully trained in the entire process will make sure that the job is done right the first time.

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