Professional Pool Tile Installation and Replacement

Tile adds a pleasant texture and color to the swimming pool area while protecting surfaces from stains and excessive mineral buildup. Just like any other part or equipment, your pool’s tile requires upkeep and may break, creating a hazard for swimmers and the structure itself. Even if your tile isn’t broken or worn, you may be looking for an updated tile design. Retiling your pool gives you a chance to upgrade your entire experience in and around the water.

America's Swimming Pool Company provides reliable and efficient pool retiling services to customers across the country. If you need help tiling your pool, whether it’s just a fix or a whole installation, our pool professionals are ready.

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Pool Tile Services

Our pool tiling services include installing tile for the first time, making a pool tile repair to broken tiles, and even completely remodeling your existing tiles to create your dream pool. Changing the tile in your pool can revolutionize the ambiance of your backyard. Whether you want stunning glass, subtle earth tones, or a simple waterline, our team can help you decide which pool tile works best for you.

There are four common pool areas where we install tile:

  • Waterline Tile

Waterline tile is the tile layered at the top edge of pools just below the coping or deck. This design element is typically the most common tiling found in gunite and plaster pools. Professional pool waterline tile installation protects the edge of your pool and looks beautiful.

  • Trim Tile

Trim tile is installed on the leading edge of pool steps or benches to make them more visible and prevent falls.

  • Spillway Tile

Pool spillway tile is commonly used in the spa dam wall or in hot tubs that have water flowing into the pool. Spillway tile protects against chemical buildup and surface erosion. Many people like to match their spillway tile to their waterline tile for a cohesive design.

  • Raised Bond Beams

Raised bond beams for pools are structural elements that sit at the edge, putting a wall along a portion of the pool’s deck. The beam is often completely tiled or covered by stone. Raised beams are a great opportunity to be creative, as they can contain a hot tub, planter, fountain, or other hardscape elements.

Connect with Our Pool Tiling Experts

Our pool professionals are the team to trust for installing, repairing, and replacing pool tile. America's Swimming Pool Company provides more than high-quality services; we give you peace of mind with a pool that is safe and ready to be used for fun and relaxation! No matter how complex your retiling project may be, there’s nothing our team can’t handle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to retile a pool?

The cost of retiling your pool depends on multiple factors, including:

  • The scope of your project (full install or just a small fix)
  • The size of your pool
  • Your chosen tiles, materials, and designs
  • The area of your pool that’s being tiled

A member of our team will assess your retiling needs and provide you with a cost estimate.

Do you have to put tile around a pool?

No, you don’t have to tile a pool. However, we suggest adding tile to at least the waterline of your pool. Waterline tiles reduce overall pool maintenance by preventing buildup along the pool’s edge that could erode the shell and leave stains. Tiles are an easy-to-clean, attractive barrier to damage.

What type of tile is best for swimming pools?

Porcelain and glass are the two most common materials used for pool tiles. Porcelain is the most used because it’s durable, dense, and easy to clean. Glass tile is a fashionable choice with a luxurious feel and transparent coloring. However, glass tiles are more expensive than porcelain and harder to find exact matches for when fixing and replacing tiles. The installation of glass tile can also cost more because it’s a less durable material to work with than porcelain. Ultimately, both tiles are easy to clean and will protect your pool. Choosing the right tile for your pool depends on your budget and the design you want.

How to clean pool tile:

Pool tiles can be cleaned with a stiff-bristle scrub brush that doesn’t scratch the tiles but scrubs away mineral deposits and buildup. For full cleaning, you’ll need to have your pool drained by professionals. Pool draining is a delicate process and should never be done on your own. Homemade cleaners with vinegar, baking soda, and even toothpaste can help remove the grime. Pool chemical cleaners can also be used to aid your scrubbing and stain removal.

Don’t have the time or tools for pool tiling cleaning? Schedule pool cleaning services with our experts to maintain your existing tile and avoid unwanted repairs.

Related Services

  • If you want to give your pool a new look, consider doing a pool deck remodel, too! Pick a material and finish that complements your poolscape.
  • Sometimes your pool’s surface can get damaged, whether it’s in an untiled area or a spot where the tile broke. We can help you with resurfacing before tile installation or retiling.
  • Enjoy your pool in peace – with no bothersome bugs swarming you. Get a barrier treatment spray from a Mosquito Squad near you.

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