Pool Filter Cleaning Services

We know that a clean filter is essential to keep your pool safe so you can enjoy your time in the water! But pool filter maintenance can be tricky and take away from pool time fun. That’s why your local ASP—America’s Swimming Pool Company—offers professional pool filter cleaning services! 

Your pool filter needs to be cleaned during peak pool season at least once a month or more depending on your filtration system. Using the circulation produced by the pool's pump, your filter collects and removes bugs, debris, dirt, and more. But the filter can quickly fill up. If it is not regularly cleaned, it will no longer work efficiently, and it may cause strain on pool equipment or make the water unsafe for swimmers. 

Keep your filter clean and water clear with help from our pool pros! Request your service online or call (866) 253-0455.

Why Filter Cleanings Are Important

Having clean, safe water to swim is reason enough to keep your filter in top condition. But your pool’s filter system is important for more than just clean water. Many automatic pool cleaners rely on filtered water to safely keep the pool clean. Your automatic pool cleaner may experience damage or wear if the filter is not properly maintained. The pressure of your pool’s plumbing system can also be negatively impacted by an unclean pool filter as it can lead to a clogged and inefficient system. 

How to Tell When Your Pool Filter Is Ready for Cleaning

The easiest way to know if your filter needs to be cleaned is by checking the filter gauge pressure. A filter that is ready to be backwashed or have its cartridges cleaned will read about 8-10psi higher than the “clean” starting pressure. 

It is also standard to clean your cartridge filters every 3 months and backwash every 4-6 weeks. If it’s almost been a month since your last cleaning, it’s time to schedule another. Or, if your pool has been heavily used recently, consider getting a cleaning sooner. 

Other signs that there may be an underlying issue or that you need to schedule a cleaning to keep your filter working soundly include: 

  • Decreased filter suction at a pool’s inlets.
  • Reduced water flow at a pool’s outlets.
  • Poorly flowing water features, such as aerators or laminars.
  • An automatic cleaner that’s no longer working.
  • Increased pressure readings on a filter’s gauge.

If your pool filter ever seems like it isn’t working quite right, don’t leave the health of your pool water to chance. Contact your local ASP. We’ll diagnose the problem and provide a solution!

Our Pool Filter Cleaning Services

Our local pool experts are trained to work on any pool filter. The three most common filters we maintain are 1) DE filters, 2) cartridge filters, and 3) sand filters. Each works differently and requires a specific cleaning process. 

  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters
    •  DE filters use diatomaceous earth, a sedimentary rock that’s been crumbled into a fine powdery substance, to filter pool water. A set of grids inside the filter coated with DE cleans the pool water as it flows through. After cleaning this type of filter, it’s important to put the proper amount of DE back inside.
  • Cartridge Filters
    • Cartridge filters rely on removable cartridges to filter water. The cartridges are tall and barrel-like cylinders that are filled with pleated polyester that traps and remove impurities in the pool water. Most models are reusable and the cartridges can be removed and cleaned. Other cartridge filters need to be disposed of and replaced after they’re dirty from use. 
  • Sand Filters
    • These filters use sand to filter a pool’s water. Sand filters don’t utilize any grids or cartridges but require periodic backwashing and sand replacement. They should be backwashed thoroughly at least once a month while the circulation system is in operation.

Regardless of your pool filtration system, heavy use or delayed maintenance may necessitate repair or replacement of the filter unit. That’s why our team offers pool equipment repairs to ensure that your pool filter gets back to running smoothly.

Find Professional Pool Filter Cleaning Near Me

Don’t let your pool filter be the cause of dirty water and other failing systems! When your filter is ready for its cleaning, we’re here to support you with residential and commercial cleaning services. Regular cleaning and maintenance support your filter’s functionality, efficiency, and longevity.

Our team can clean, repair, or replace your pool filter. Crystal-clear and well-filtered pool water is only one call away! Trust the professionals to provide reliable pool filter cleaning services. Request your service online or call (866) 253-0455 today.

Pool Filter Cleaning FAQs

How long do pool filters last?

Well-maintained pool filtration systems can give you 10-20 years of service. Pool filter lifespans vary based on the type of filter, frequency of use, the amount of debris buildup between cleanings, and the frequency of your pool filter cleaning and maintenance. To keep your filter working efficiently remember to keep up scheduled cleanings and to backwash the sand or DE in your filter at least once a month. Cartridge filter needs will vary depending on the type of cartridge you use. Some models are reusable, and the cartridges can be removed and cleaned. Other cartridge filters need to be disposed of and replaced after they’re dirty from use. 

Can you clean a pool filter on your own?

It is possible to clean your filter on your own. To properly clean your filter, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the equipment in your filtration system, and the types of filter media, such as sand or DE, to keep it functioning properly. 

Because a filter requires very specific cleaning, we suggest trusting the maintenance to professionals. Improper cleaning can result in health and safety risks for swimmers along with problems for other parts of your pool like automatic pool cleaners. Hiring a professional for pool filter cleaning will give you a clean filter every time!

Are pool filters recyclable? 

Most are not recyclable due to the various materials used to make the filter tank itself. However, some pool filters can be recycled for scrap metal, so don’t immediately throw out your pool filter when it needs to be replaced.

How often should pool filters be cleaned?

Your pool filter should be checked weekly for proper operating pressure and backwashed (sand filters) or have its filter cleaned (cartridge filters) as much as needed to maintain the proper rates of flow to keep your pool clean and safe for swimming.  During peak pool season, this might be as often as every week. However, this can be extended during the off-season. Your filter works to remove dirt, hair, and any other debris that gets in your pool, meaning that the more you use your pool the more often your filter needs cleaning. When your pool is closed, your filter will still work, but it won’t work as hard, reducing the need for monthly cleaning. 

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