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Our Expert Swimming Pool Professionals Clean All Types of Filters!

Your pool’s filter is one of its most important components. The swimming pool experts from ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company are ready to make sure it’s functioning to keep your water sparkling clear!

We are the nation’s choice for reliable swimming pool maintenance services. We’ll handle every aspect of your filter cleaning to make sure none of the dirty work is left to you. This way, you can focus on enjoying your pool and spending time with your loved ones instead of worrying about maintenance.

Why Filter Cleanings Are Important

By using the circulation produced by a pool’s pump, filters catch dirt, debris, and other particles in water. A working filter means having a pool with clear water that’s enjoyable to swim in. Your pool’s filter system can also affect other important components. For example, many automatic pool cleaners rely on clean filtered water to work properly. When a filter is dirty or incorrectly cleaned, the pressure of your pool’s system will be impacted, causing decreased performance with many parts connected to your plumbing. This can also lead to premature failure of other components and result in costly equipment repairs or replacement.

Signs that a pool filter needs to be cleaned include:

  • Decreased suction at a pool’s inlets
  • Reduced waterflow at a pool’s outlets
  • An automatic cleaner that’s no longer working
  • Increased pressure readings on a filter’s gauge

What Types of Filters Do Our Swimming Pool Experts Clean?

There are many types of filters, with three being the most common types found in pools throughout the United States: DE filters, cartridge filters, and sand filters.

D.E. Filter Cleanings

DE filters use a substance called diatomaceous earth (DE) to filter water. DE is a flour-like substance that is used to coat a set of grids inside of filters. Its fine, powdery qualities make it great for cleaning water as it flows through a filter’s grids After cleaning this type of filter, it’s crucial to ensure that the proper amount of DE is placed back into it.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are similar to DE filters, except they only rely on cartridges to filter water. Some cartridge filters use reusable cartridges that can be removed and cleaned. Other filters use cartridges that need to be disposed of and replaced after they’re too dirty for use.

Sand Filters

As the name suggests, sand filters use sand to filter a pool’s water. Notably, sand filters differ the most from the filters listed above because they don’t utilize any grids or cartridges. Sand filters require periodic backwashing and sand replacement. They should be deep cleaned regularly while the circulation system is in operation.

Our Pool Maintenance Pros Make Filter Cleanings Simple

At ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company, we want to make keeping your filter clean simple. Taking apart a filter can be complicated and time consuming. Our technicians will come to your home, take your filter apart, clean it, and make sure that all needed parts are properly assembled or replaced. By leaving the job up to us, you’re making sure it’ll be done quickly and correctly so the fun in your pool never has to stop because of cloudy water!

Contact our pool filter cleaning experts right now to schedule an appointment with an ASP location near you.

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