Swimming Pool Safety Fences

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe Around the Pool

One of the best ways to keep small children or pets safe is to install a fence around your pool. Having a pool safety fence is not only safer for your loved ones, but it offers you peace of mind. The fence means you don’t have to constantly be on your guard while your kids or furry friends are playing in the yard, and it means your odds of having an accident in the pool drops down to (pretty much) zero.

Since 2002, ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company has provided pool owners with the nation’s most trusted pool service. Our technicians are certified pool experts with the National Swimming Pool Foundation, qualifying us to handle pool plumbing, equipment replacements, and fence installations as well as cleaning and maintenance. Our certified, experienced, and insured pool technicians make life easier and safer for pool owners nationwide. To learn more about how we can help you, get in touch today.

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Features of Pool Safety Fences & Gates

A pool fence is any vertical barrier that is designed to prevent children or pets from entering the pool unsupervised. You can adjust a pool fence to any shape, and there are many different types of barriers that make it easy for you to use. Fences and gates also come with features that make them even safer than traditional gates: some pool fences are self-latching, and they have a lockable key gate that helps keep your swimming pool secure. Most pool fences are four to five feet tall and are non-climbable.

We Make Owning a Pool Easy, Fun & Safe

In the end, our service was designed for one thing: make owning a pool easy and fun. That’s why we provide custom solutions for their pool care needs. We make sure your pool is always safe, clean, and ready for swimming—but only on your terms!

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