5 Warm & Cozy Poolside Additions

5 Warm & Cozy Poolside Additions 

Discover the top poolside fire designs to warm up and extend the time spent in your backyard.

Step Up Your Pool Design with a Fire Feature!

If you’ve been looking to enhance your pool with a new cozy and functional feature, you’ve come to the right place! Fire features add lighting, warmth, and an extra design element to any space. Discover the many poolside fire features that can be added to your inground pool.

Why Add Fire Features to a Pool Area?

Fire features are a functional and aesthetically pleasing upgrade for any pool. They provide cozy lighting and extra warmth in your pool area. Some may be used for cooking and making your space more functional. If you have a fire pit that isn’t smoke-free, the smoke may even deter bugs like mosquitoes!

While smoke from a fire can help deter mosquitoes, it isn’t the most effective way to keep bugs away. Get a traditional barrier treatment for your yard if you have mosquitoes infiltrating your pool space.

Can You Add a Fire Feature to an Existing Pool?

Yes, a fire feature can be added to an existing swimming pool. The only difference is that your feature will have to fit the shape or restrictions of your current pool. However, with the help of pool professionals, a pool renovation can be done to add nearly any fire feature that you have in mind!

5 Fire Feature Poolside Additions

Check out some of our favorite ways to warm up your space with a poolside fire feature:

  • 1. Outdoor Fireplace

Create a perfectly cozy and comfortable lounge area by transforming your backyard space with an outdoor fireplace. Add an outdoor dining set to host poolside dinner parties.

  • 2. Built-in Fire Pit

All you need are the s'mores! Enjoy yummy treats and conversations by the campfire with a custom built-in fire pit. If you have a preexisting pool, adding a fire pit can be a large renovation. Depending on your space and preferences, you can choose either a gas-burning or wood-burning poolside fire pit. Once your new fire pit is installed, check out our favorite s'more recipes.

  • 3. Fire Wall

For this sophisticated design, one of your pool walls will be built taller than the others and the top will double as a fire feature. Fire walls are powered by natural gas or propane and can be customized for the fire to emerge through rocks, fire glass, and more for an interesting effect. This option adds a warm and modern element to any backyard space, complementing the look of your pool.

  • 4. Fire Bowl

A fire bowl functions the same way as a fire wall and is a raised bowl, usually along the perimeter or corner of a pool. This is a trendy, decorative piece to add to any inground pool design. Pool fire bowls are a popular lighting option to liven up your nighttime landscape.

  • 5. Fire & Water Bowl

Create a unique pool experience by adding a water feature to your fire bowl! For instance, some bowls have a waterfall effect added! You’ll love the calming sound of water with the brilliance of fire.

Get Started Adding the Perfect Fire Feature to Your Pool!

With pool remodeling and renovation services, America’s Swimming Pool Company makes it easy to add the fire feature of your dreams. Adding fire features around a pool design will light up the area, keep you warm year-round, and so much more! Learn more about our professional pool services. Call (866) 253-0455 or request service online!