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Getting Your Pool Ready for the Summer

The pool professionals at ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company help pool owners revamp their pools with new pool liner repairs and replacements. If you’ve detected damage or leakage on the surface, you need professionals who will solve the issue as effectively and efficiently as possible. ASP isn't your typical "pool company"—they are well-informed, happy to answer questions, and give you everything you need to make lasting poolside memories. Each technician is committed to providing the best and most reliable pool care service.

Common Pool Liner Problems

Not sure if it’s time to repair or replace your pool liner? We have put together a list of the most common issues that will require you to repair or replace your pool liner so that it’s ready for the summer. If you need assistance identifying the problem with your pool, you can reach out to us today. We offer free pool inspections!

  • Leakage in Pool Liner: Leaks in pool liners are a common problem that can reduce the lifespan of your liner while increasing your water bill. Sometimes it can be challenging to detect the location of the leak in the liner, so it is vital to have a professional inspect your pool. Failing to repair this issue as soon as possible can lead to costly repairs, premature liner replacement, and higher water bills.
  • Faded Liners: Pool liners can fade over time due to sun exposure, often at the waterline. Fading can also occur due to excessive chlorine and bleach in the water. If you have a faded liner, our technicians can inspect the damage and provide the options available for repairs or replacements.
  • Torn or Ripped Liners: If your liner is torn or ripped, it may be difficult to get it patched up on your own. It is especially common for old liners to have rips and tears. If your pool liner is old, you may need to have it replaced to prevent greater damage in the future.
  • Stained Liners: If your pool liner is stained, some chemicals can help remove these stains. However, if the stains are too stubborn, you need specialized treatments to remove the stains. Pool professionals should apply these treatments because they require specialized gear.
  • Wrinkled Liner: It is common for pool liners to develop wrinkles over time. They usually occur if they initially weren’t installed correctly, or if water leaked into the liner.

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If you need your pool liner repaired or replaced, your technicians are the team to call. We’ve developed strong relationships with our customers because they know we put their needs first. We believe that a pool company shouldn’t only consist of delivering quality services, but also in providing excellent customer experiences. For that reason, we adhere to a strict code of ethics. These codes of ethics include offering a high level of service, treating each customer with respect, and offering fair prices. You can rest assured that our team will get the job done right the first time—no matter how big or small the project may be.

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