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  • Our Experience: ASP’s experience includes servicing more than 80 million gallons of water per week.
  • Our Qualifications: ASP technicians are all CPO certified.
  • Our Commitment: You can be assured that ASP provides only dependable SOLUTIONS for your swimming pool needs.
  • Our Guarantee: ASP will guarantee your complete satisfaction within a CONTRACT FREE environment.
  • Our Offer To YOU: All customers agreeing to a 12-monthly weekly maintenance and cleaning commitment will receive one month of services ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Pool Maintenance & Cleaning in Gulfport, MS

An investment in a swimming pool can be the initial step that will allow you to enjoy special occasions with family friends here in Gulfport, Biloxi, Long Beach, and beyond. Although spending time with your family and friends is important to you, you recognize that improving your backyard with a swimming pool represents a substantial investment. You may be concerned with the time required for maintenance and cleaning of your swimming pool. The time required for normal upkeep, along with balancing water chemistry and maintenance of pool equipment may interfere with your ability to enjoy your pool.

ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company of Gulfport can relieve you of these time consuming tasks by satisfying all of your swimming pool cleaning and maintenance requirements.

ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company of Gulfport is staffed with certified technicians that are specifically trained in balancing water chemistry, pool cleaning, maintenance of pool equipment, routine, regular maintenance and all other required maintenance tasks.

Swimming Pool Maintenance – Residential & Commercial Maintenance Available

ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company of Gulfport offers affordable full-service maintenance programs that are tailored to meet your specific swimming pool needs, freeing you from the time required to maintain and clean your own pool. Your swimming pool is always available to be used and enjoyed by you, your family, and your friends, because ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company of Gulfport’s turn-key maintenance programs have already done the work.

Balancing and adjusting water chemistry is part of all maintenance plans provided by ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company of Gulfport. ASP is qualified in all methods of swimming pool chlorination and can assure you that your chlorination system is operating properly.

Activities to be performed during each visit include:

  • Debris removal.
  • Wall brushing as required.
  • Skimmer basket cleaning.
  • Pool tile cleaning as required.
  • Pool floor cleaning and pool sweep servicing.
  • Pool equipment inspection
  • Hair and lint pot cleaning.
  • Filter medium cleaning.
  • Water chemistry balancing per the governing Health Code Standard.

ASP will respond to emergencies the same day as they occur when occurrence is within normal business hours. When planning a special event, be sure to provide ASP a few day’s advance notice to arrange for pool vacuuming the day of the event.

Top-of-the-line, industrial strength chemicals are used by ASP. In order to maintain proper pool sanitation and water clarity, proper maintenance procedures need to be performed on a timely, regular basis. As part of each cleaning and maintenance visit, all pool equipment is verified by ASP to be functioning properly. Other major activities performed by ASP during each cleaning and maintenance visit include debris removal, water filtration system maintenance along with exterior cleaning such as brushing the pool tiles, and cleaning the skimmer basket. Metal and phosphate buildup will be removed by ASP as required. All pool equipment and components will be checked by ASP to ensure proper operation. ASP will also clean the lint basket, clean and backwash the filter and will vacuum or Leaf-Master the pool bottom.

Weekly Service/Cleaning

Developing happy customers who are able to use and enjoy their pool each day is a specialty for ASP. The stress and work associated with pool maintenance and cleaning is eliminated by the dedicated efforts of ASP. ASP is proud and appreciative of more than 17 years of positive customer feedback

The major investment represented by your swimming pool needs to be protected. Protection of this investment requires service that is both professional and functional. ASP is committed to protecting your investment. The purpose of this section is to help you understand proper pool maintenance requirements. Meeting your needs and reducing the time, effort, and frustration associated with maintaining and cleaning your swimming pool is the primary focus at ASP. The tasks listed below are included in the ASP maintenance and cleaning schedule:

  • Use of top-of-the-line industrial strength chemicals and materials only.
  • Water chemistry balance for optimal clarity and sanitation.
  • Pool equipment inspection for proper operation,
  • Debris removal.
  • Skimmer basket cleaning.
  • Pool tile brushing as required.
  • Pool filtration system maintenance
  • Vacuuming the pool bottom.
  • Cleaning the lint basket and backwashing the pool pump.
  • Pool wall brushing as required.
  • Adjusting the pool water level as required.
  • Cleaning pool equipment area.
  • Leaving “service ticket” detailing services performed.

Enjoy your pool while ASP removes the worry associated with pool maintenance and cleaning.

Checking Chemicals

An important part of pool maintenance is checking and balancing the water chemistry. Proper levels of pH, alkalinity, chlorine, cyanauric acid, among others are critical elements of water chemistry. The water chemistry needs to be checked and balanced, as required, on a weekly basis. ASP technicians receive training specific to water chemistry balancing. Proper water chemistry balance improves the appearance of your pool and provides a pool that is safe to use.


Determining how acidic or how “basic” the water in your pool is is determined by measuring the water’s pH level. Even though the pH level of your swimming pool water may range between 6.6 and 8.4, a neutral balance between 7.4 and 7.6 is the desired target. The lower the pH level, the more acidic the water and the higher the pH level, the more “basic” the water.

Acidic swimming pool water or “hungry water” can be defined as water with a pH level lower than 7.4. Acidic water will attempt to raise its pH level to the neutral range by pulling elements from pool materials through corrosion.

“Basic swimming pool water or “over saturated” water can be defined as water with a pH level greater than 7.6. “Basic” water will attempt to attain a neutral pH level by depositing elements from the pool water causing an increase in the buildup of scale and other harmful minerals.

Total Alkalinity

Total alkalinity is a measurement of the alkaline content of your swimming pool water and is affected by the pH level of the pool water. Low alkaline levels result in constant, rapid fluctuations in the pH level of the pool water. High alkaline levels result in cloudy water or undesirable water clarity.

Calcium Hardness

Calcium hardness is a measurement of the quantity of calcium present in your swimming pool water. Pool water with low calcium hardness will seek to obtain calcium available from pool materials resulting in damage to pool tiles and plaster finish. Pool water with high calcium content is cloudy with undesirable water clarity. In order to improve water clarity and to avoid damage to pool tiles and the plaster finish, calcium hardness needs to be properly balanced.

Cleaning the Pool

Each week your pool will be cleaned by a certified ASP technician. Removal of unwanted debris and other materials that should not be present in your pool will be removed. Larger debris will be removed from your swimming pool using a Leaf-Master when required. Surface debris about the pool will be removed and the surface area will be swept. In order to prevent the build-up of algae and grime, the surface tiles will be scrubbed.

Proper Filtration & Water Flow

The flow of water throughout the pool has a major impact on the appearance as well as the “health” of the pool. The swimming pool pump filter is considered the “heart” of the swimming pool. All chemicals present in the pool water are pumped to all areas of the swimming pool, including through all the pool pipes, by the pool filtration system. In order to insure proper operation and function, the filtration system is completely checked by your ASP technician. Inadequate water flow by the pool filtration system can result in the presence of algae, calcium build-up and equipment and pool corrosion.

Consider a Salt Water System

A traditional swimming pool chlorination system requires the addition of chlorine, in some form, to the pool filtration system. The chlorine enters the pool water, is consumed, and additional chlorine is required to be added. Salt water chlorination systems involve a process where salt is converted to chlorine which is converted back to salt and the process begins again. Salt water chlorination systems require less maintenance since the chlorination process essentially takes care of itself. An additional benefit is that the chlorine level in the pool is more stable. Although salt water chlorination systems are not as common as the traditional chlorination methods, benefits include less time to balance the pool chemistry and less damage and irritation occur to skin, eyes, and hair.

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