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ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company is a team of highly-skilled and experienced fountain professionals who help customers repair their broken fountain. When a fountain breaks or stops working, it is vital to get an experienced professional onsite who can inspect the issue and provide a quick and durable solution. Our team is ready to help you get your fountain repaired so that it remains in excellent condition. If you have a fountain near your pool, our team can also help you get it repaired. We don’t consider a job complete unless our customers are happy with their results.

Common Fountain Issues

Fountains need regular care like routine maintenance, or they can suffer serious issues in the long run. Older fountains are easily prone to issues. If your fountain isn’t working properly and you’re not sure what the problem is, our team can inspect your fountain and help you solve it as efficiently as possible.

Common fountain issues that our customers face include the following:

  • Freezing Water Cracks: If you live in a cold climate, your fountain water may freeze in winter. Freezing water can expand your fountain and cause cracks. Winterizing is a great option to protect it from cracking.
  • Broken Pump: If your pump has lost power or it isn’t working, our team can inspect it to identify the issue.
  • Broken Filter: Your filter is important because it keeps debris away from your fountain. If your filter breaks, our team is ready to help you repair or replace it.
  • Leaking Fountain: If your fountain is losing water or it’s leaking, our team can help you repair it to prevent it from happening again.
  • Isn’t Turning On: If your fountain isn’t turning on, it may be an issue with the power. We can inspect the connection and repair it or replace it.

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If your fountain needs repairs, our team of fountain repair professionals can assist you. Our local owners are trained and certified professionals who have completed ASP’s nationally recognized training program. For your peace of mind, our team is also background checked and drug tested. We want you to feel comfortable inviting our team into your yard. We are friendly, respectful, courteous, and are always ready to answer your questions. Our fountain professionals make sure to install, service, and repair fountain parts in strict accordance with the highest industry standards across the nation.

No matter what fountain repairs you need, our fountain repair experts can help you. Contact our pool experts today to schedule an appointment!

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