Closing Your Pool for the Winter?


Stop and Consider the Consequences

Visual Effects: Your pool is the centerpiece of your backyard! Allow it to shine!

Cost-Benefit: By keeping your pool open this winter, you will not incur a pool closing or pool opening expense. Additionally, the pool water chemistry will be properly maintained, keeping it algae free this spring and not requiring the cost associated with a pool recovery. Finally, your pool equipment will be better off. Closing your pool runs the risk of having costly repairs to the pool equipment due to the equipment being shut down over several months.

Protect Your Investment: Studies show that when pools turn green it deteriorates the walls and bottom of your pool. Studies also show that a closed pool can cut the life of your plaster in half or damage your vinyl liner, due to improper water chemistry.

Tarped pool

Safety: Floating pool covers are considered dangerous. They are typically opaque and make it very difficult to see what is beneath them. They often appear as if they can be walked on but will collapse under the smallest amounts of weight, even when being held down by sandbags or other weights placed around the deck.

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