Add More Sparkle to Your Backyard

People swimming with pool lighting

Add More Sparkle to Your Backyard

Tips on how to add more sparkle to your outdoor living space with lighting ideas for in and around your pool area.

Create your own resort-style backyard with these outdoor lighting tips. Outdoor lighting around your pool deck and in your pool can help make the area around your pool safer. Place your lights around the areas you, your family, and your guests will often walk by or hang out to create a safe, lit environment.

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5 ways to create an outdoor living space you want to spend time in.

Twinkling Café Lights

Hanging these stylish string lights can enhance your backyard, patio, or deck. They come in a variety of lengths, bulb colors, shapes, and sizes. Hanging outdoor lights that are weatherproof lets you use these lights year-round.

Stringing café lights across from trees to give the illusion of floating in the air or drape them from your patio or wrap them around your pool deck. Whatever your style, the options are endless and will add an elegant look to any outdoor area.

Sparkling Rope Lights

Use rope lights or outdoor strip lights to border your stairs, corners, walkways, and support columns. There are many options from classic white light to color ambiance outdoor strips that use smart wireless technology and can be paired with a Bluetooth enabled device. You control the color, brightness, or set your lights to pair with the beat of your music.

Luminescent Motion Sensor Solar Lights

Add extra security around your fence and pool deck with motion powered solar lighting or light up your pathway with inground solar lights.

Majestic Landscape Lights

Outdoor landscape up-lighting will help you spend more time enjoying your evenings outside. A well-lit yard is enjoyable to look at from the inside too.

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Colorful Underwater LED lights

The bright, energy-efficient choice for underwater pool lighting. The bulbs will last for years and you can save on long-term costs. Depending on mood, holiday, or event, you can customize your light show with a wide range of color-changing pool lights.

LED lights are installed in the pool wall, under the coping, and use computer-controlled systems to customize your lighting options. Once the bright and colorful LED lights are turned on, the pool water helps give it that perfect glow without emitting light that is too harsh on your eyes. It is hands-down the best way to add pizazz to your pool design.