Which Pool Pump Should I Choose?

Understand the difference between single, dual, and variable speed pumps.

Your swimming pool pump is the heart of the swimming pool’s plumbing system, so it’s important to understand the types of pumps and how they perform against each other.

How do I know when it’s time to invest in a new pool pump?

  • Your pump is running slower than it has in the past.
  • It’s making noise.
  • It overheats and shuts off.
  • It will not start or starts slowly.

If you’re experiencing these effects or if your pool pump is over seven years old, it’s time to contact a pool service professional.

Did you know? A residential swimming pool pump is the largest electricity consumer in your home and can account for 25% of your household’s energy bill!

  • Single Speed Pump – Single speed pumps are your traditional pool pumps that run at constant max speed.
  • Dual Speed Pump – A dual speed pump is a variation of a single-speed pump, and has two speed options, high and low.
  • Variable Speed Pump – Variable speed pumps can be optimized to precisely control the water flow and time of circulation.

Choosing a variable speed pump like a Pentair IntelliFlo VSF, can reduce energy costs up to 90% and help the rest of your equipment perform exactly as it’s meant to.

Energy Saving

The ability to change speeds and control flow will have a direct impact on your energy bill. A variable speed pump will minimize energy use and give you the highest energy-saving benefits. In addition to saving money on your monthly energy bill, many utility companies are offering rebate incentives to pool owners for the purchase of an energy-efficient swimming pool pump. Energy-efficient pool pumps can qualify for a $50 – $600 rebate depending on your utility company.

Visit this link for information on Pentair pool pump rebates and visit this link to find Energy Star rebates in your area.


Variable speed pumps, like the IntelliFlo VSF, can communicate with other pool equipment through automation.


Known as the quietest pool pump on the planet!

Our Choice:

When choosing the best pool pump for your money, think long-term. Variable speed pumps have higher upfront costs, but is the most energy-efficient and has lower operational costs. Ultimately, this will be money well spent and worth the investment.

Contact your local ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company pool expert to find out what option is best for you.

Discover how much you can save by switching to an IntelliFlo or IntelliPro pump with Pentair’s residential pool pump savings calculator.

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Make a Savings Splash with a New Pool Pump

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