Meet Our Team

  • Headshot of Stewart Vernon
    Stewart Vernon Founder
  • Headshot of Jimmie Meece
    Jimmie Meece Brand President
  • Headshot of Kevin Noggle
    Kevin Noggle Vice President of National Accounts & Vendor Relations
  • Headshot of Mac Leskosky
    Mac Leskosky Vice President of Operations
  • Headshot of Shaun Hurley
    Shaun Hurley Director of Renovation and Construction
  • Headshot of Meghan Meece
    Meghan Meece Director of Marketing
  • Headshot of Shelly Smith
    Shelly Smith Office Support Supervisor & Executive Assistant
  • Headshot of Casey Sloan
    Casey Sloan Operational Support Advisor & Flight Operations
  • Headshot of Roger Ewart
    Roger Ewart Franchise Development Manager
  • Headshot of Stephanie Fritz
    Stephanie Fritz Public Relations & Communications Specialist
  • Headshot of Megan Cummings
    Megan Cummings Marketing & Direct Mail Specialist, Events Coordinator
  • Headshot of John Bodden
    John Bodden Operations Support Advisor
  • Headshot of Toni Walker
    Toni Walker Marketing Coordinator
  • Headshot of Becca Weber
    Becca Weber Social Media Recruitment Specialist