Best Time to Open Pool after Winter

Dive into swimming season with these pool opening tips.

Looking for the best time to open your pool after winter? Having a plan for opening a swimming pool is critical for all homeowners with an inground pool or above ground pool. If you’re considering a DIY pool opening, finding the best time to open your pool is the key to successful pool management and water safety.

Don’t Wait!

The best time to open your swimming pool can depend on the time and condition you closed your pool. Opening a swimming pool as soon as possible could save you from costly repairs. If you live in a warm climate, we recommend keeping your pool open year-round and continue regular maintenance. For those with a closed pool or those living in a cooler climate, the best time to open your swimming pool is when the pool water is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.

Green Pool After Winter?

If your swimming pool was not closed properly in the fall, you could encounter a costly pool opening in the spring. Your green pool water could be a result of closing your pool too early or covering a green pool after swimming season.

  • Closing your pool too soon could result in a late-season algae bloom and green water when you open your pool in the spring.
  • Covering a green, dirty pool in the fall could result in paying hundreds to thousands of dollars in clean up, pool equipment repair and replacement, pool liner replacement, or pool resurfacing.

Avoiding Costly Expenses

Pool companies in your area should know the best time to open your pool, so do the research and find out the benefits of hiring a local pool service professional.

If you’re worried about hiring a pool service company because of costs, consider looking at everything your local pool company can provide and compare to the time and money you put into DIY pool service. Hiring a pool company can save you time, keep your pool healthy, and protect you from costly repairs.

Focus on The Fun

The certified and licensed pool experts at ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company offer everything you need to maintain, protect, and enjoy your pool more.

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