Most Important Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs

A Pool Technician Fixing Pool Equipment

They may just seem like little things. But those “little things” can do the most damage to your swimming pool and it’s equipment. Bad habits or unintentional errors can cause swimming pool equipment problems. Dealing with problems early prevents them from getting worse.

Most Important Repairs

Pool equipment is prone to a variety of damage which might need repairs, but here is a list of the most important and common issues you may need to be aware of:

  1. Your Pool Heater – no one gives much thought to the heater until it has to be serviced. Pool heaters are damaged gradually usually by chemistry errors that you aren’t even aware are happening. Over exposure to the elements outside also contribute the demise of your pool heater. If you close your pool, use a Pool Heater Cover. Covering the heater also prevents insects and rodents from nesting in it. Today’s heaters have more electronic parts and usually have lights or error codes that can tell you something is wrong. But having a pool professional checking it periodically can save you money by checking it out.
  2. Low Water Levels – although, it may seem obvious, running your pool with water levels below your skimmer will cause damage to your pump. At first you just may lose prime on the pump coupled with air leaks in your equipment, you can have a pump overheat and burn up quickly. A pump that has overheated may warp your pump basket, melt shaft seals, or shrink the threads of the attached PVC fittings. In extreme cases of overheating, it can warp the pump housing itself. You can have an autofill installed on your pool which will remedy the situation.
  3. Valves & Seals – as with most mechanical items, be sure to maintain your pump, filter, heater and plumbing by replacing valves and seals periodically. Turn off your pump, step back from the equipment pad and look for any place that may be wet. This may indicate that a seal has faltered, or a valve needs to be replaced. Be sure to keep all the area near and surrounding your equipment pad clean and clear of brush and debris as your equipment needs room to breathe.

Monitoring your pool’s condition is a must! Other important things to check will include your water level and chemistry.

Consider ASP for Pool Care & Repairs

In our next blog, we will spend a little time discussing the important of your pool chemistry in maintaining your swimming pool. If you clean your pool yourself and are looking for a professional to complete filter cleans and keep an eye on your pool for you, consider the PoolCare365 program at ASP Dallas. For an annual fee of $365 (just $1 a day), we will perform 2 filter cleans and complete a pool assessment. Call us today to discuss it further (214) 740-3814