Maintaining Swimming Pool Water Quality

Person cleaning pool with pool leaf skimmer

Of course, we all know that plaster is made to be underwater. But, we forget that what’s in the water may be just as important.

Swimming pool water chemistry is perhaps the most important step in having a safe, healthy and fund pool. Here is a list of common issues you may need to be aware of:

  • Pool Pump Run Time – even if you keep your pool water perfectly balanced, the quickest way for an algae problem to start is by not running your pump long enough. Water circulation is so important to keeping your pool water clean. Don’t save a few bucks by turning the pump off. In reality, the money you save will be invested in pool chemicals trying to fight algae. If your pump is sized properly for your pool, you should circulate the water 1 hour for every 10 degrees of the high temperatures (example: 80 degrees means run the pump 8 hours). If you have a pool that has algae growth problems, you may want to run it longer.
  • Brush Pool Walls – probably the most overlooked part of a regular pool care regime is regularly cleaning the surfaces of your pool. A proper pool brush will keep algae away and preserve the appearance of your pool. The waterline is notorious for accumulating grime and scale. Brush every corner, steps, behind ladders and along the waterline.
  • Water Chemistry – if you monitor your quality of pool water, you may only focus on a few area and disregard others. One of the commonly forgotten pieces of water chemistry is pH. Water can be acidic or alkaline. Make minor adjustments after weekly water tests instead of just adding a little more chlorine. Many of the chemicals in your pool will stabilize the chlorine and help it to work better. Without looking at all the pieces of the puzzle of water chemistry, you can instead create unstable water chemistry.

Monitoring your pool’s condition is a must! Usually pool failures while maintaining it end up costing money in pool parts, replacement equipment or a need for new plaster.

If you clean your pool yourself and are looking for a professional to complete filter cleans and keep an eye on your pool for you, consider the PoolCare365 program at ASP Dallas. For an annual fee of $365 (just $1 a day), we will perform 2 filter cleans and complete a pool assessment. Call us today to discuss it further at (214) 740-3814.