The Most Common Pool Repair Issues

A Pool Maintenance Tech

Age and elements can wear out a pool. If unaddressed, they cause bigger problems that are harder to fix. Therefore, you need your swimming pool checked regularly by pool professionals. Dealing with problems early prevents them from getting worse.

Common Swimming Pool Issues 

A pool is prone to a variety of damage which might need repairs, but here is a list of common issues you may need to be aware of:

  • Blisters & Hollows – over time, your plaster may blister or peel. This indicates the chemistry on the pool hasn’t been kept properly or the plaster has aged past its usability. By ignoring the, you could have seepage below your deck or behind the pool beam.
  • Cracks – not every crack in a pool is lethal. Some cracks in the plaster are called crazing a normal part of pool ownership. Plaster is not the only thing prone to cracks. Other aspects of the pool area including a deck can crack also. Whether it’s the shifting soil of Texas or poor drainage, you need a professional who can diagnose the cause of the problem and fix it before it causes damage or pool foundation problems.
  • Rust Spots – aside from affecting the aesthetic value of your pool, rust says a lot about your pool’s condition. It can indicate a problem within the structure or rebar. It important when you see rust to be vigilant and find the source.

Monitoring your pool’s condition is a must! Other important things to check will include your water level and chemistry.

Hassle-Free Pool Ownership

And we haven’t even started to discuss your pool equipment and what can go wrong there but that’s for another day. If you clean your pool yourself and are looking for a professional to complete filter cleans and keep an eye on your pool for you, consider the PoolCare365 program at ASP Dallas. For an annual fee of $365 (just $1 a day), we will perform 2 filter cleans and complete a pool assessment at each visit. Call us today to discuss it further (214) 740-3814.

Pool Care 365: for $365 a year, we provide a ProActive Seasonal Maintenance Plan.  It includes 2 filter cleans annually, replacement of the chlorinator o-ring, lube the backwash valve and a 20 Point Written Assessment.