Hire a Pro!

kids swimming in pool wearing floaties

Why should you hire a pro? There are good and valid reasons to consider using a pool service company even when you are “capable” of taking care of your own swimming pool.

A pool service company will do more than just service your pool. Pool service professionals are experts in their field and can educate you on the proper supplies and equipment needed to help keep your pool running and looking its best. If you are in a pool emergency or just need service advice, a pool professional is your best resource.

Not every pool service company is created equal. Be sure to ask the right questions when selecting your company. Are technicians certified and trained? Finding a pool service company you can trust is essential. Does the owner/operator carry insurances that will protect you?

A swimming pool is a big investment and can add significant value to your property if maintained properly and correctly. When it’s not maintained correctly, it can be very costly. Monthly maintenance services can be more affordable than you expect plus you have the peace of mind that your investment is being well maintained. The more your investment is cared for, the less chance there is of spending your hard-earned money on repairs that could have been avoided.

Properly balanced water is vital for the safety of the people swimming in it. A pool that is not properly maintained can become a home for illness-causing bacteria. A pool professional will make sure that your pool water is properly tested and cleaned. A healthy pool means healthy swimming.

Perhaps, the most important reason to use a professional for swimming pool service is TIME! We live in a fast-paced society, so it’s important to soak up as many enjoyable moments as you can. Consider the time you’d spend researching DIY pool cleaning, getting the chemicals, testing the water, adding chemicals, checking the equipment, etc. It can take up to three times the amount of time for a homeowner to do this themselves. Using a pool service company to clean your pool can help you relax more, and spend more time with your family in the pool instead of working on it.

If you have additional questions about swimming pool maintenance or finding a pool company you can trust, feel free to send me any questions!