How Do I Open My Pool?

Looking for the best time to open your swimming pool? 

Ask yourself these questions first:

  1. When did you close or winterize your swimming pool?
  2. Was the pool green when you closed it?

If your swimming pool is not closed properly in the fall season it could lead to a costly pool opening in the spring.

The best time to open your swimming pool can depend on the time you closed it and the condition your pool was in.

Closing your pool too early in the fall could result in a late-season algae bloom, and consequently, a green pool when you open in the spring.

Also, covering a green and dirty pool in the fall could result in paying hundreds to thousands of dollars in clean up, or worse, such as replacing your liner or resurfacing the pool.

Open your pool as soon as the weather begins to consistently warm-up; typically this would be around the end of March to early April for most southern states.

Waiting until late April or May could result in uncovering a green swimming pool, due to spring algae blooms.

Opening your pool as soon as possible in the spring could save you from costly repairs. We recommend keeping your pool open year-round unless you reside further north and are faced with hard, continual freezes throughout the winter months. If you must close your pool, wait as late into the fall as you can.

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