Considering Pool Closing?

The professionals at ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company want you to think twice before deciding to close your swimming pool. Listed below are the benefits of keeping your pool open year-round.

  1. Visual Effects: Your pool is the centerpiece of your backyard, so why cover it half the year? Consider our year-round maintenance program that will keep your backyard beautiful with a pool that will SHINE.
  2. Cost-Benefit: Keeping your pool open year-round costs about the same as paying to close, open, and recover your pool on a seasonal basis. Plus, stagnant, untreated water also causes algae and water imbalance, which takes a toll on your pool’s interior shell and equipment.  When closing your pool, you increase the risk of having both a green pool and costly equipment repairs in the spring.  Ask one of our technicians to provide you with a Cost-Benefit Analysis for your swimming pool.
  3. Protect Your Investment: Studies show that when a swimming pool turns green, the untreated water deteriorates the swimming pool’s interior shell.  Closing your pool year after year may result in half the life expectancy of your pool’s interior shell.  Why take the risk? Pool covered
  4. Safety: Floating pool covers are dangerous.  Pool covers are typically opaque and are impossible to see beneath. They appear as if someone can walk on the cover, but in reality, the cover will collapse under the smallest amount of weight.  Why risk injury or death to a loved one?

Properly closing your swimming pool is very important. Improper closings can cause damage to the pool shell, cracks to the piping and structural problems that can cost thousands of dollars to correct. If you do decide to close your pool, it is important to contact a pool professional to help. ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company can help you make sure your pool is properly closed and stays clean and algae-free. Visit  to schedule a visit from ASP.

Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry!