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Mesa Swimming Pool Maintenance

"America’s Swimming Pool Company has consistently provided a high level of service—both in terms of routine repair work and weekly maintenance. For the in frequent instances of mechanical issues, the staff has been quick to respond and return phone calls. Our maintenance technician takes a lot of pride in his work as demonstrated in the consistency of the work he performs. It is apparent that he enjoys what he does—this is also a credit to the company he works for.” —J. J.

  • Our Experience: ASP currently services over 80 million gallons of water per week.
  • Our Qualifications: All ASP technicians are CPO certified.
  • Our Commitment: ASP provides dependable, quality, swimming pool SOLUTIONS!
  • Our Guarantee: Your satisfaction – NO CONTRACTS REQUIRED.
  • Our Offer To YOU: One FREE month of weekly maintenance with a 12-month commitment.

Pool Maintenance & Cleaning in Mesa AZ

Sit back and enjoy! We all have precious little time to stop and just enjoy life. A strong first step in finding that time is an investment in your backyard. Your Mesa swimming pool can help create special times in your life.

But a pool in Mesa is an investment that must be cleaned and well maintained. From maintaining the proper water chemistry to making sure parts function properly, upkeep can sometimes take away from the time spent enjoying your pool.

That’s where ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company of Mesa can help.

From water balancing to routine maintenance checks and other upkeep necessities, the professionals at your local ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company of Mesa can do it all.

Our pool cleaner does an excellent job. The repairs and installations that we have had are always handled promptly.” —M. C.

Swimming Pool Maintenance – Residential & Commercial Maintenance Available

At our Mesa location, we provide a full service monthly maintenance program at an economical price that allows you to enjoy your swimming pool without the hassle of weekly cleaning. We offer various maintenance programs tailored to suit your lifestyle. Our total turn-key program allows you, the homeowner or the commercial owner, to truly enjoy your swimming pool for its intended purpose, a source of recreation and enjoyment for your family and friends.

Our maintenance program includes water chemical testing and adjusting. Whether your pool is chlorinated by a salt system or standard chlorine methods, we will make sure your system operates optimally.

Additionally, each visit, we will:

  • Remove all debris
  • Brush down the pool walls as needed
  • Clean all skimmer baskets
  • Clean your tiles as needed
  • Clean the floor and service the pool sweep
  • Check you pool equipment
  • Clean the hair & lent pot
  • Clean your filter medium
  • Adjust your chemicals to the Health Code Standards

We will provide same day response to any emergency you may have (within business hours). For any special events, please call us a few days in advance of the event and we can have the pool vacuumed the day of the event.

At America’s Swimming Pool Company, we use only the top-of-the-line, industrial-strength pool chemicals and materials. We provide proper maintenance for water clarity and sanitation, as well as checking your pool equipment for performance. Each visit, your America’s Swimming Pool Company cleaner will remove all debris from your pool, clean the skimmer baskets, brush the tiles of your pool and maintain your filtration system. We regularly eliminate phosphates and metal buildup in the pools. We also inspect all the pool system components and mechanisms to ensure proper operation of your pool. 
In addition, the cleaner will also vacuum (or leaf-master) the bottom of the pool, and will clean out the pump lint basket and backwash and clean the filter.

They are always on time, and responsive to our requests. America’s Swimming Pool Company is a good value for your dollar. —P. A.

Weekly Service/Cleaning

We want you to love your pool every day. We specialize in happy customers. Pools are our passion, and we want yours to be a source of stress free enjoyment. We take a great deal of pride in our work, and our positive feedback from customers during the last 17 years is a testament to our service.

You deserve to have a reliable, punctual and professional pool service. Pools are a big investment. Maintaining and protecting that investment is what we do best. There is a lot that goes into pool maintenance – something you already know if you have tried it yourself. This section is for you to understand all of the elements of pool maintenance. Our services are focused on your needs so that you save time and effort and sometimes frustration.

Our weekly services include:

  • Top-of-the-line industrial strength pool chemicals and materials.
  • Proper maintenance for water clarity, sanitation and chemical balance
  • Checking your pool equipment for performance.
  • Removing all debris
  • Cleaning skimmer baskets
  • Brushing the tiles of your pool, when needed
  • Maintaining your filtration system;
  • Vacuuming the bottom of the pool
  • Cleaning out the pump lint basket and backwash
  • Brushing the walls when needed
  • Add water while there if needed
  • Maintain a neat, clean area around the equipment
  • Give a report to you by “a service ticket”

You get to enjoy your pool without the worry of maintenance. Below is an explanation of our maintenance and service.

Checking Chemicals

This is a vital part of proper pool maintenance. Your cleaner has been professionally trained to accurately determine the levels in your pool—pH level, alkalinity, calcium hardness, chlorine, cyanauric acid and others. Based on the chemical needs of the pool water, the cleaner will properly adjust the levels by adding certain chemicals to insure your pool is in top chemical condition each week. This proper balancing of chemicals ensures that your pool will be maintained at the pinnacle of its potential for both usability, comfort and appearance.


pH measures how acidic, or how basic your pool water is. A high pH level means your water is more “basic,” and a lower pH level is more “acidic.” A neutral position for the pH is preferred, which is described as a “balanced” pool pH level. A pH scale ranges from 6.6 to 8.4, and a “balanced” pool falls between 7.4 and 7.6.

Anything lower than 7.4 (“acidic”) is often referred to as “hungry” water. This is so named because at this pH level, the water is aggressively seeking elements to mix with itself in order to raise its pH level. This process leads to corrosion of pool materials, and if not properly taken care of, can lead to serious pool damage.

Anything over 7.6 (“basic”) is often referred to as “over saturated.” This water will naturally be depositing elements and materials through the natural process of trying to lower its pH level to balanced. Such deposits of materials are called “scale” and can cause harmful build-up to your pool system.

Total Alkalinity

Alkalinity is based on the pH level of the pool. Thus, it is extremely important to keep a balanced pH level. Total alkalinity measures the amount of alkaline materials in the water, which provide a buffer between acidic water and corrosion of your pool. Therefore, when the alkalinity levels are low, the pH level is prone to fluctuate rapidly and constantly. However, if the alkalinity level is unnecessarily high, the clarity of the water will be effected and your pool will become cloudy. As with pH level, the total alkalinity level also must be maintained in a “balanced” state.

Calcium Hardness

Calcium hardness is a measurement that determines how much calcium is present in your pool water. In a similar was as with alkalinity, if your calcium hardness is too low, your water will begin to seek calcium from any present material, which means your tile and plaster finish is in danger! If the calcium hardness is too high, as with total alkalinity you will have cloudy water. Thus, a properly “balanced” level of calcium hardness is vital in maintaining your pool.

Cleaning the Pool

Each week, your pool cleaner will take care of all the details required to properly clean your pool. The pool bottom will be thoroughly vacuumed to gather any debris or other materials that are unwelcome in the pool. If needed, the cleaner will use a Leaf Master to collect larger debris from the pool. The surface-level tiles will be scrubbed, ensuring that any grime or algae build-up is removed; and the top of the pool will be swept to collect and remove any debris on the surface of the pool.

Proper Filtration & Water Flow

Perhaps the most vital aspect to your pool’s well-being is that of water flow. As with a human body, if the heart is not working properly and pumping sufficient blood to every area of the body, then the body is dead. Likewise, with a pool, the filter acts as the “heart” of the pool, pumping water and all the balanced chemicals to every region of the pool, and all the system’s pipes. Each week, you cleaner will check on the “heart” of your pool system, the filter, and make sure that everything is functioning up to standard. We also check to make sure that all of the pipes and valves are working in order to ensure strong water flow in the pool. Without the water circulating, there is immediate danger to your pool from algae growth, corrosion, calcium build-up, and other “health problems” that should have been easily avoided.

Consider a Salt Water System

Although not as common, salt chlorinated pools are usually easier to maintain for the simple reason that the chlorination is taken care of for you by the pool. This type of system provides an attractive alternative to using traditional chlorine methods. With a salt water system, salt is converted to chlorine which is used to maintain the pool, and it is then converted back into salt to begin the process again. Because of this constant process, salt water systems typically provide a more stable level of chlorine than traditional pools. This can cut down significantly on some of the time required to balance chemicals. Salt water systems have also proven to be kinder to the body, especially the skin, hair and eyes.

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