Having a Great Pool Party

Balloons on water surface

It’s time for a pool party!

Summer has arrived and it’s the time of year that you need no excuse for a pool party. Here are a few good ideas for planning a great pool party:

  • Create a pool theme. This is the year of the ridiculous pool floats! Just google “unique swimming pool floats” and you will see everything from pizza slices, donuts, swans, turtles and so much more. Purchase just a couple to set the scene when you guests arrive.
  • Glass can ruin a pool party fast! Ensure that your guests know there is no glass around the pool! Find fun, colorful or fancy plastic/paper/acrylic drink ware, utensils and/or dinnerware. Make it very accessible.
  • Create a Pool Party Playlist! Build a playlist that fits the theme of your party or find a channel of digital music services that meets the needs of and is appropriate for people attending the party. Ensure that you have appropriate speakers and test them before the party. Inexpensive wireless speakers are very easy to find now. Test the volume and know the limits of the speaker which you are purchasing. Even waterproof speakers have become more accessible and affordable.
  • Be sure to have plenty of sunscreen handy. Guests may forget to bring the necessary items for a full day in the sun. Create a small sunscreen station with a sign and your guests will find you to be the “thoughtful host”. Monitor them throughout the day and don’t hesitate to give them a reminder if they need to apply more.
  • Serve “pool inspired” drinks! Have a signature drink at the party. It might be fresh squeezed lemonade or maybe, it calls for a drink umbrella. Or just stock up on canned beer and solo cups. But there are plenty of options for drink stations and if it’s BYOB, make sure that you have plenty of ice for coolers or drink tubs.
  • Chips and dips are a must! Whether you plan on serving a meal or just have a few snacks out, don’t forget dips and chips. Pool party food should be no nonsense with easy to serve options. If the drinks you are serving are alcoholic, it is really important to ensure that you are providing nourishment in other ways.

Make sure that your guests understand, “it’s a pool party, not a patio party”; encourage everyone to enjoy the pool. Be creative, be safe but most of all have fun at your pool party!