Prepare Your Pool for Freezing Weather

Protect pool equipment in freezing weather

Prepare Your Pool for Freezing Weather

Are you ready to weather the freezing temperatures ahead? If you own a pool in a warmer climate, it’s important to know how unexpected freezing temperatures and severe winter weather can cause damage to unwinterized pool equipment by water freezing inside your pool pump, filter, or heater. The pool pros at ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company are here to help you prepare for potential freezing temperatures and avoid costly pool repairs due to freezing weather.

Tips for Preventing Frozen Pool Equipment:

  • Keep pumps running with all valves open.

If you live in a mild climate, pay attention to news alerts of expected freezing weather conditions in your area. Keep your pool pump continuously running when temperatures remain close to freezing. As long as water moves through the pipes, it won’t freeze.

  • Increase your pump speed.

If you have a variable speed pump - do not run it at the lowest speed. Increase speed to allow sufficient water flow.

  • Install freeze protection equipment.

Freeze protection works with a sensor to measure and detect unexpectedly frigid temperatures and automatically activate pumps to prevent damage. Pools with advanced controllers can open closed valves and turn on additional pumps, such as booster and waterfall pumps.

  • Remove debris from the pool.

Keep your pool clean. Leaves and other debris can block your skimmers and main drain, preventing the pump from moving enough water to avoid freezing.

  • Remove your pool cleaner.

If you use an automatic pool cleaner, remove it, drain the water from it, and store it properly.

  • Maintain proper water levels.

Steer clear from draining too much water. Fiberglass and vinyl liner pools need fullness for support to prevent cracking & warping over time.

  • Insulate your equipment.

Insulate plumbing lines with blankets or towels. Do not use any type of heater as they can damage pool equipment or cause a fire.

  • Contact a pool professional.

Consult with your ASP pool professional to ensure you take all necessary steps in caring for your pool before an extreme weather situation. If you cannot properly prep your pool before freezing temperatures hit your area, our experts can inspect your pool for any damage and offer the best solutions for your pool needs.