What Does a Pool Maintenance Company Do?

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Proper pool maintenance is an essential part of being a pool owner. Without proper maintenance, a pool can develop algae, foul odors and either slimy or cloudy water, and cause itchy skin and burning eyes on those who choose to swim in them. Hiring a professional pool service company to maintain your pool is becoming an emerging trend, and pool maintenance companies are popping up across the nation. But, what do pool maintenance companies do all day?

A Day in the Life

The duties of a pool maintenance technician vary widely at the time of the year they are working. Contrary to popular belief, a pool maintenance company is more than a seasonal operation. Here is a breakdown of what you may see our technicians doing throughout the year:


This is when our techs are focused on opening pools for the upcoming busy season. You will see them removing pool covers, cleaning and skimming the pools, checking pumps and other pool equipment to ensure they are in proper working order, balancing chemicals to ensure water safety, and talking to pool owners about any safety issues they may find.


Summer is the busiest season for a pool maintenance tech as they make weekly visits to pools on their routes. Checking chemical levels, skimming debris, ensuring pool water is safe to swim in are only a few of their summer activities. They may even be talking to families about installing safety items including handrails, drain covers, perimeter fences, pool lifts, and essential emergency items.


When the weather begins to cool, pool maintenance techs perform the same duties as in Spring, but in reverse. Now it is time to ensure pools are properly closed, inspect covers and make suggestions for new equipment when needed, adding chemicals to the water to help prevent algae growth during the offseason, and cover equipment to protect it during the winter months.


While it is not as common to see your pool service tech in your backyard, they have plenty to keep them busy. Many pool service techs also service commercial indoor pools which is a year-round gig. Others use the offseason to build their business with activities including building new pools, updating pool decks, remodeling existing pools to the customer's taste, and installing safety equipment including perimeter fences, handrails and more.

Pool Maintenance Is a Year-Round Job

While some people may think pool maintenance is only important in the summer, it is a year-round job and an essential part of being a pool owner. For questions regarding your pool, contact your local ASP franchise today!