Pool Cleaning Service Teaches New ABC's

ABC block letters

Every child learns the alphabet song from an early age, but what they don’t know is that ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company made a version of the song specifically tailored to pool care. Here are the ABC’s according to our pool cleaning service:

A: ASP- Always call us for all of your pool care needs!

B: Bromine- One of the most popular chemicals used to sanitize pool water.

C: Covers- Protects the pool from harsh winter conditions, debris and helps maintain sanitary water.

D: Deck Maintenance- Many people forget to clean and sanitize the pool deck to decrease slipperiness.

E: Emergency Equipment- Ranging from a first aid kit to life-saving rings, these should be kept in an easily accessible location in close proximity to the pool.

F: Filter- used to remove dirt and debris from the pool water, and come in a variety of options.

G: Gutter- Similar to rain gutters on your home, a pool gutter is a trough at the edge of the pool to which debris typically flow. Not all pools will have them, but if they do, they do not need a skimmer.

H: Heater- works to ensure your pool water is the optimum temperature.

I: Iron- If metals have found their way into your pool and are causing staining, ASP’s pool repair team can help!

J: Just a Phone Call Away- If you have any questions regarding your pool maintenance, your pool cleaning service technician is just a phone call away!

K: Kid Friendly- Our pool cleaning service team is dedicated to ensuring your pool is up to code for your child’s safety. Whether you need a perimeter fence, handrails or other safety items, we have you covered!

L: Laps- Whether you take this to mean you are swimming laps for exercise, or we are swimming laps around the competition, ASP is helping thousands of pool owners around the country enjoy their pool more!

M: Maintenance Equipment- Including vacuums, scrapers, and hoses to maintain pool cleanliness, and all available through ASP.

N: Natatorium- This is a fancy word for ‘indoor pool,’ which we also provide service for.

O: Oxidizer- One of the compounds used to shock and destroy any build-up or contaminants in the pool water and does not raise the chlorine levels.

P: Pumps- Keep your water clean by constantly flowing water from the pool, through the filter and back to the pool.

Q: Qualifying Time- While we are not performing in any events, we do promise your pool maintenance issue will be handled in a timely manner with the utmost professionalism.

R: Rainfall- If you live in an area that experiences excessive rainfall, cleaning the accumulated amounts off your pool cover is an essential maintenance step many pool owners forget.

S: Safety First- Safety around pools is no laughing matter. ASP pool cleaning service also provides essential safety equipment including life-saving equipment, handrails, drain covers, and perimeter fences.

T: Tile Cleaning Services- Whether as a regular maintenance task or one time clean up, ASP keeps your tile looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.

U: Understanding- As a leader in the pool cleaning service industry, helping our customers understand our services and their pools is our number one priority.

V: Vacuums- When an automatic cleaner is not in place, a vacuum may be used to keep the pool water looking its best.

W: Water Clarifier- Used to gather all particles to one place so they can be removed from the pool water.

X: X-treme Temperatures: A heavy-duty pool cover should be used especially in areas that have heavy snowfall to prevent the pool from freezing and cracking. 

Y: Year-Round Maintenance- Pool care is a year-round job! Whether you are constantly cleaning or just preventing algae buildup during the offseason, caring for your pool should be happening all year long.

Z: Zeolite: Used in sand filters to provide better filtration.

Now that you know your ABC’s of pool care, if you have any questions, feel free to contact your local ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company franchise for all your pool cleaning service needs!