ASP Pool Cleaning Services Favorite Apps

Small child in water

As our world turns to more digital devices, there are apps for literally everything–including pool safety. Since drownings are the leading cause of unintentional deaths in children under four, ASP pool cleaning services encourages parents of little swimmers to be safer both in and near the water by using one of these safety apps.


Developed to pair with the technology of smart devices, this app adds an additional layer of security when your kids are in the water. The wearable sensor allows you to set limits on the length of time your child can be submerged before sending an alert to your device. You will also be alerted when a child who cannot swim is in the water,

Red Cross First Aid

Free to download for Android and iPhone users, this app gives instant advice to medical professionals when an emergency or accident has happened in your pool. The user will receive step by step instructions on how to give the person involved in the accident the medical attention needed. Videos and other various resources are available to help educate pool owners on safety topics.

Home Pool Safety

This interactive app provides a checklist of what needs to be done for your pool to be safe for swimmers of all ages. The app can also be used to identify problems, and users can email a picture of their pool and receive a report about possible problems.

Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim

When you are introducing your child to the pool for their first time, safety becomes even more important. This app helps children ages 2-6 understand how to be safe in and near the pool by watching Stewie as he learns how to swim with the big ducks. The ebook includes read-to-me audio, interactive animations, sound effect, a memory game, and a singalong.

Though these apps do not replace the need to watch your children closely when near the water, they do give an added sense of peace knowing that your children have a little more protection. ASP, America’s Swimming Pool cleaning services franchises are strong advocates for child safety when it comes to pools. We work with pool owners to develop a strategy for pool safety for their home pool and help install any needed safety devices.

Swimming pools are meant to be a source of relaxation, not a source of stress and constant worry. If you have children and need help making your pool less of a stress, contact your local pool cleaning services franchise to discuss items to reduce the risk of drowning.