How Do You Make Your Vinyl Liner Last?

New Vinyl Liner

Swimming pool liner replacements can be expensive. How can you make a liner last longer and get the most out of it? There are two things that can be done in order to make your liner last its full potential life span.

First off, keep your swimming pool open year-round. Keeping your swimming pool open all year requires you to maintain the pool’s chemicals. This is a key factor in getting the most out of your swimming pool finish. A properly-balanced swimming pool will keep your liner looking great. All swimming pool liners will begin to fade at some point, but keeping your swimming pool properly balanced will greatly aid in extending the life of your liner.

Secondly, keep your pool clean year-round. By keeping the pool crystal clear and balanced, you ensure that you will not have to add large amounts of chemicals all at once. Adding large amounts of chemicals to a swimming pool while trying to treat an algae problem can cause damage to the swimming pool liner. Swimming pool chemicals are harsh and should be handled by your local America’s Swimming Pool Company professional.

If you have any questions on how to make your liner last its full lifespan, visit our locations page and contact your local ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company professional today!