Lighting Options for Your Swimming Pool

Over the years, lighting options for swimming pools have evolved and improved greatly. The three most common types are incandescent, fiber optic, and LED lights. Which one is best for you? This will depend on your budget and needs.

Incandescent lighting is the most common type for swimming pools. The bulb looks like one for the standard floodlight. Incandescent lights are the least expensive of the three options here and do a decent job illuminating the pool. These lights can be fitted with colored lenses to change the mood of the pool if necessary. Since incandescent lights are available up to 500W, they consume the most energy of the three.

Fiber optic lighting allows for an option to illuminate the pool with a variety of colors. The lighting source and electrical controls for this type of light are both above the water. Only the fiber and lens are in the pool. The brightness of fiber optic lighting is generally inferior to the other two options. Since this is the case, multiple lenses are needed to adequately light most pools.

LED lights are somewhat new to the swimming pool industry. Much like fiber optic lights, LED lights give a wide array of color options and are similarly priced as well. LEDs are the brightest of all three options, last the longest, and also use the least amount of energy.

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