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Watch Out for Black Algae!

At any moment during a hot Summer, algae can invade your swimming pool.  The worst is black algae. Also, known as blue-green algae. It’s different than algae that is plant-life. Black algae is a bacteria that presents itself like black dots of dark blue-green mold. Black algae bacteria can come from sources different than other plant algae.  As a bacteria, it shouldn’t be left untreated as, it is more dangerous than the other plant algae types.  

Black algae can come from other water such as a friend's pool, river, lake or other infected water where you take your floaties, pool toys and even your swimsuit, then transport back to your pool. Diligently wash off items if you want to put them back in your pool.  Organic debris, birds and even tree leaves may carry it.    

It is extremely resistant to typical methods to eradicate other plant algae.  You can't scrub it off to get rid of it.  Textured pool walls that provide a rough surface give it room to grow. It flourishes in older, very porous plaster.  The roots dig deeply and making it difficult to get rid of.    

Know what you are dealing with before you spend a lot of money on chemicals or methods to get rid of it.  Call your pool company, ASP Dallas and surrounding areas like McKinney and Allen. We have the experience to diagnose black algae.  Specialized product, tools and trained technicians can help you eliminate black algae in your pool.  We deal with all types of pool problems. 

It's a time-consuming process to kill black algae. So, let us do the work for you.  If you suspect you have black algae, give us a call 214-503-7171.