Swimming Pool Remodel

full pool view with new deck

A pool can offer you plenty of benefits. It’s a place for family and friends to make memories, it also promotes exercise. However, a pool requires proper care to prevent damages and aging. When considering a pool remodel, here are some places to start.

Things to consider when updating your pool:

Basic Equipment

  • Faulty equipment will affect your pool’s performance. A thorough check of all the equipment should be made before you decide to do anything else.
  • Ensure that you have a level equipment pad which will put less pressure on plumbing and pipes and prevent future underground leaks. If needing to replace pumps, opt for the energy efficiency which allows you to run your pump more frequently at a lower cost. Good circulation of your pool is essential to prevent algae and other water borne bacteria.


  • The technology advances of today make it easy for you to upgrade your pool with several enhancements. Consider pool automation systems that allow you to manage your pool from anywhere. Heat your spa before you arrive home, etc. Automation offers convenience at your fingertips. Upgrade or add a robotic cleaner.
  • Add LED lighting. It comes in a range of colors and styles and makes the pool your paradise. Lights boost the style of your pool. LED is also energy efficient. Although, installation costs a little more, you’ll get it back through your energy savings.

Other Pool Features

  • A modern pool can have tanning ledges, water features, rock walls, and fountains. To create an exciting pool and increase your home’s value consider adding more water movement such as a sheer descent, waterfalls, bubblers, and other options.
  • Remove diving boards, add hand rails, increase your safety measures with a fence or safety net. Consider the purpose of your pool and your enjoyment when you look at these options.

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