What is Pool Mastic?

Pool mastic between stone and deck

What is Pool Mastic?

  • Pool mastic generally refers to the expansion seal located between your coping stones (pool edge) and pool deck.
  • Usually located several inches from the in-ground pool's edge. If you have a cantilever deck (a pool deck without coping stone), the only place mastic may appear is between the control joints in the concrete.
  • The expansion joint between the coping stones and deck will be filled with mastic, a waterproof, putty-like adhesive used as a joint-sealer between concrete sections.

The reason that it is necessary to seal the expansion joints that surrounds the swimming pool is to keep the water out. Allowing water to enter the expansion joint area can cause soil movement and cracks (which causes pool or deck movement) and also the possibility of freeze damage in cold weather to the tile, coping, and pool gunite beam. To state it simply, your coping and deck need a space to expand and contract with weather conditions of sun, rain, and cold. Mastic allows the margin to make it possible for the inevitable movement due to the conditions.

When to Replace Pool Mastic?

A cracked pool masticA cracked pool mastic is a key indicator that your mastic needs to be replaced.

  • In Dallas, typically every 3 years mastic becomes dry and sometimes separates from the coping or the concrete deck due to movement.
  • Pool Mastic should be replaced when you notice it to be peeling, cracking, and/or badly receding (pulling away from the coping or deck), Other things that indicate that you may need to replace your mastic would be pool tiles falling off, cracks in your deck, or heaving (rising) of the pool deck.
  • Whenever you notice that the concrete that surrounds a pool is changing, you should get your mastic inspected.

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