Benefits of a Saltwater Pool

Person swimming in a pool

The recent chlorine shortage has many pool owners looking into the option of converting to a Saltwater pool. The benefits of a Saltwater pool may be less known than a traditional chlorine sanitized pool.


  • Most people think it means that the pool is filled with water which is like the ocean. However, the name comes from the equipment that the pool uses to convert salt to chlorine and keep your pool chlorinated. No longer do you need to add chlorine to the water but you simply pour salt into your pool and the chlorine generator will convert it.
  • Don’t worry, Saltwater pools use a concentration of salt that is much lower than ocean water. If you can taste any salt at all, it will be almost saline-like.


  • Saltwater can be gentler than a traditional chlorine pool. It is gentler on your body and clothing. It will eliminate irritated and/or red eyes. There is no longer any harsh chlorine smell because the chlorine is created naturally.
  • Salt is often used as a water softener inside a house, and it has the same effect in your swimming pool water. Salt-chlorinated water leaves your hair and skin less dried out and more silky.
  • You will not have to store chlorine any longer. Storing and handling chemicals is a nightmare even more so when you have young children or pets at home. So, there are fewer worries about the chemicals that you have on hand at your home.
  • A Saltwater pool does cost less to maintain. Salt is cheaper than chlorine.

If you are interested in learning more about a conversion of your chlorine pool to saltwater, please contact us at ASP Dallas, (214) 740-3814. We would be happy to provide a quote. We look forward to serving you!