ASP Pool Cleaning Services Presents: Fact or Fiction?

Pool maintenance kit

As the weather begins to heat up and the swimming season is just around the corner, you can find plenty of information floating around about proper pool maintenance. As your local pool service company, ASP can help you understand which piece of information is a fact, and which is fiction.

Fact or Fiction: Chlorine in the swimming pool makes your hair turn green.

Fiction. While the green tint that occurs to hair after hours in the swimming pool is often attributed to chlorine, it is actually due to algae controlling chemicals.

Fact or Fiction: A well-sanitized pool smells highly of chlorine.

Fiction. Contrary to popular belief, when a pool smells of chemicals, it actually needs more chlorine added. The smell happens when chlorine mixes with external contaminants and indicates the need for balancing chemicals.

Fact or Fiction: Pool water is disinfected and won’t hurt you when swallowed on occasion.

Fiction. While pool maintenance teams regulate the pH balance in pools, chlorine levels are not consistent. While we balance chemicals according to the pool’s needs, the chlorine kills different germs at different speeds; meaning some germs may still be present in the water. Swallowing pool water should be avoided when possible.

Fact or Fiction: There is nothing I can do to maintain the water cleanliness in my pool other than adding chemicals.

Fiction. While pool maintenance with chemicals to balance the water is important, other things can also contribute to the cleanliness of your pool water. These include:

  • Taking kids to the bathroom to avoid urine in the pool

  • Showering before swim time to avoid body soaps and  products from getting in the water

  • Wearing a swim cap keeps hair and hair products out of the water

As your chosen pool service company, ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company knows that the information about pool maintenance can get overwhelming. Knowing the difference between fact and fiction can make a world of difference to your pool’s level of clean. Our services allow you to spend more time enjoying your pool and less time maintaining it. This swim season, get more from your pool by trusting its care to your local ASP pool service company. Have a happy and safe swimming season!