ASP Pool Cleaning Services Offers Tips for Seniors Swimming for Exercising

Person swimming

Studies have shown that seniors who use a pool for exercise have been able to increase their strength by 27% in their quadriceps, 40% in their hamstrings, and 10% in their upper body strength. The increase in strength is due to the increased resistance felt in the water. As your local pool cleaning service, we have a few tips for those who wish to use their pools for exercise.

Water Aerobics

Water exercise has proven to improve flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. Water aerobics place less strain on the joints and cause fewer injuries than regular aerobic classes. By doing these exercises in the water, you can benefit from a decrease in pain, improved function and improved quality of life.

Water Walking

Whether exercise is done in the shallow end of the pool or the deep end, walking in water provides 12 times more resistance than walking on land. The water buoyancy supports the body weight and puts less stress on joints, and the extra resistance from the water strengthens muscles. Water walking can be performed in both indoor and outdoor pools, making it a viable year-round activity.

Stationary Swimming

When there is no room in your yard for a standard-sized swimming pool, a stationary swimming pool can be installed. This pool has many features including adjustable currents, and temperature to suit your needs. These devices are often referred to as a treadmill for swimmers and can provide the level of exercise you need.

ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company know the benefits swimming can have on senior bodies. Whether you or someone you love is looking for an exercise routine that is a low impact on the joints, our company highly recommends swimming.

History of ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company

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