America’s Swimming Pool Company Experiences Explosive Start in 2012

Despite being a relatively young company, ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company is experiencing unprecedented growth, breaking nearly every record to date. The nation’s first pool and spa renovation and maintenance company has signed and opened 16 new franchise territories in three new states in 2012 and has seen a 62 percent increase in year-to-date sales. Its explosive start is a testament to the unmatched professionalism and unique systems that ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company has designed for franchisees throughout the system, which was contributed to its zero-percent failure rate.

Since the Macon-based company began franchising in 2005, they have grown drastically and now have 99 territories in more than 175 cities in eleven states across the United States. By providing an easy-to-follow system that has been proven by new and existing pool companies, ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company has excelled in nearly every environment.

“So far 2012 has produced tremendous growth as a system and for nearly every franchisee,” said Stewart Vernon, CEO and Founder. “All of our new franchisees have had the best start to date and we have seen an increase in demand for services for every franchisee in the system, which means we are doing something right.”

ASP was founded to bring a higher level of professionalism, service and reliability to a highly fragmented industry. After establishing a location that exceeded a million dollars in sales, Vernon believed he had a concept that could be not only replicated but highly successful in any location. And the numbers don’t lie. In 2011, annual revenues were up 55 percent from 2010 to $10.5 million and in 2012 the brand is expected to top $15 million in system-wide sales.

“We have continued to improve our systems to make sure we allow every franchisee to be as successful as possible, which means we are constantly working with national vendors to secure the best pricing scale for not only our franchisees but also for each of our customers,” shared Vernon.

As a company, ASP takes pride in helping new and existing entrepreneurs open their own business, entry into the system is doable, with no prior experience needed and an initial investment level between $43,550- $64,300. Over the past year and a half, ASP has also worked with a number of conversions of existing pool companies to help accelerate growth by providing a nationalized brand, marketing guidance and 24-hour support. ASP has also hired new members to the corporate team to provide a better level of support for every franchisee, whether it be in evaluating sales goals, improving marketing or making sure all pool problems are handled as quickly as possible for customers.

“With the incredible growth that we have seen, we realize it is more important than ever to continue growing our staff to answer all questions from our customers and our franchisees,” shared Vernon. “We have built a reputation on our level of professionalism, outstanding customer satisfaction and service and we are determined to uphold that reputation as we grow.”