What Pool Owners Need to Know about Pool Chemical Safety

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What Pool Owners Need to Know about Pool Chemical Safety

Thoughts of sunshine, warm weather, and swimming on your mind?

As we begin to prep pools for the upcoming swimming season, our pool professionals wanted to share tips on one of the most vital swimming pool maintenance topics – pool chemical safety.

To ensure a safe and healthy swimming experience, ASP believes that pool maintenance education, product knowledge, and water safety is something we must share with our customers. Before prepping your pool for the swim season, read these tips first to avoid pool chemical injuries.

Pool Chemical Safety Tips

  1. Read safety information on the chemicals you handle.
  2. Wear safety goggles, chemical resistant gloves, and fresh air mask when handling chemicals.
  3. Store chemicals properly in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area.
  4. Store pool chemicals in a separate area away from other chemicals and equipment.
  5. Store chemicals away from children and pets.
  6. Follow manufacturer’s label directions carefully.
  7. Keep chemicals closed in original, labeled containers.
  8. Handle pool chemicals in a well-ventilated area.
  9. Open one chemical container at a time and keep container closed when not in use.
  10. Always measure the chemical accurately and use exact quantities specified.
  11. Always add pool chemical to water, NEVER add water to pool chemicals.
  12. Avoid mixing different pool chemicals.
  13. Do not mix containers or scoops.
  14. Keep food and drink away from pool chemicals.
  15. Immediately clean up and properly dispose of any chemical spills.
  16. Promptly wash off any chemical residue on skin.
  17. Use only a water-filled fire extinguisher on a chlorinated product chemical fire.

When used safely and appropriately, pool chemical damage and injuries are preventable. We recommend these tips for all pool owners as a safety guideline for storing, handling, and disposing of pool chemicals.

Maintaining Good Chemistry

Pool chemicals are essential for healthy swimming in healthy pools! Your backyard pool needs chemicals to prevent the growth of algae, adjust pH levels, and disinfect water by eliminating waterborne pathogens. If your pool is not maintained correctly, swimmers are more likely to develop recreational water illnesses such as diarrhea, swimmers’ ear, skin rashes, or athlete’s foot. (Read more on our blog: Healthy Swimming 101)

Communication is also key to keeping your pool healthy. Swimmers must be reminded to shower before jumping in and refrain from peeing in the pool. A swimming pool is not a communal bathtub. Sweat, dirt, body oils, and other substances on the skin can deplete chlorine-based pool disinfectants. Make swimmers aware of what they can do to help keep your pool healthy.

Pool Care

The improper use of chemicals can also lead to frustrated pool owners and costly pool repairs. The wrong chemical combination can make your pool water cloudy, corrode pool surfaces, and damage pool equipment.

To avoid these issues, contact your local ASP pool professional. We’re here to help you enjoy your pool more and take the stress out of pool maintenance.