Do’s and Don'ts of Buying a Home with a Pool

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You are in the home buying process and have found a home you fell in love with. It meets all of the requirements on your must-have list, and it even has a pool! Before you close on the home, you will be required to have a home inspection. The inspector will go through your whole home looking for any potential problems including electrical wiring, plumbing issues, mold, broken appliances, and more. When a home has a pool, most inspectors have a clause in their contract stating that they will not inspect the pool. Why not?

Pool Inspections VS. Home Inspections

Just as you would not want a pool technician inspecting your home’s wiring, a home inspector is not trained to properly inspect a pool. While the jobs are similar, they aren’t interchangeable. A properly trained pool maintenance technician will inspect all aspects of the pool testing equipment, ensuring proper drain covers have been installed, verifying the fence around the pool’s perimeter is up to code and features the proper locking mechanisms, etc.

While many people see a home with a pool as an added bonus, our pool service company recommends you proceed with caution. A pool inspection is not required to close on the home but does ensure the pool will function properly and has been well maintained. For those pool owners that fall into the do-it-yourself crowd, pool inspection checklists are available online by performing a Google search. Though this is a better approach than no inspection at all, you may get an entirely different outcome when inspecting the pool on your own than if a professional perform the inspection. ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company does not provide swimming pool safety inspections but may be able to direct you to a local professional who can.

Pool Inspections Not Included

Whether you’re buying your first home, a vacation home, or a rental property, taking the time to consider the safety regulations of a pool will ensure you make a smart investment decision. While a complete home inspection provides peace of mind, how much more peace would you have during the buying process if you know the pool is a safe place as well?