Can a Hot Tub Benefit Your Health?

Hot tub surrounded by snow

Owners of our pool cleaning services help pool owners understand the benefits swimming can have on their health. From senior exercising routines, using swimming pool pumps to keep the water moving and clean, and balancing chemicals, and even the benefits of a hot tub.

History of Hot Tubs

In ancient Egyptian times, people would bathe in waters treated with herbs and flowers in order to achieve optimum health. Other regions of the world believe the hot tub has healing powers on the body as well. Some of these regions include:

India: Here they believe that breathing in the steam produced by a hot tub is needed to optimize the respiratory system.

Romans: The citizens of Rome believed in the healing powers of water and are credited with the creation of hot springs.

Japan & Germany: The people of these areas believe that the use of a hot tub promotes healthy aging and enhances beauty. These regions know the benefits that hydrotherapy has on healing medical conditions.

In 1940, the Jacuzzi brothers introduced the hot tub as we know it to the United States, and since that time improvements have been made with the different models released.

Pool Cleaning Services Recommend Hot Tubs for Health

Hot tubs have a myriad of health benefits which include:

  • Clearing the mind
  • Relaxing muscles
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased metabolism
  • Accelerated healing in the body

Owners of ASP pool cleaning services franchises know the benefits of hot tubs and strive to help our customers understand them as well. Whether you are seeking hot tub cleaning, hot tub installation, or hot tub repair, ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company can help. We ensure our customers have the right swimming pool pumps, safety equipment, and more to keep their pools and hot tubs a safe and happy place to swim or soak.

ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company History

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