Let the Pool Party Begin! Tips from ASP Pool Cleaning Company

Pool party

Summer has arrived, and it’s time to peel off the swimming pool covers and have a pool party! Our pool cleaning service compiled a list of items to make every pool party more fun!

Pool Cleaning Company Gives Pool Party Makeover Tips

  1. Glow in the Dark Water Balloons: For those pool parties with extended hours, light up your pool by placing a glow stick inside each water balloon and float them around your pool.
  2. Have a Sword Fight: Not just any sword will do! For the Star Wars fan in your life, create a lightsaber just for the pool by cutting a pool noodle down to size, and wrapping one end in duct tape. Decorate the tape with a magic marker to look like the buttons on a saber and enjoy fighting with the force…or against it!
  3. Make Sponge Bombs: Take household sponges and cut them in thirds. Tie pieces together with a hair tie and play games including dodge ball, basketball, and whatever others you can think of!
  4. Create a Floating Drink Station: Place your family’s favorite drinks in a plastic container and make it float in the pool by tying pieces of pool noodle together with twine, and surround the container. It will now float in the pool and eliminate the need to track wet feet inside your home.
  5. Go to the ‘Dive-In’: For a twist on the common summer activity, set up a movie projector screen in your backyard where guests can lounge on pool floaties, noodles, and other pool accessories to enjoy the flick of the week.
  6. Host a Water Olympics Party: Whether you stick to the classics and play basketball and volleyball or come up with more creative swimming pool events is up to you!
  7. Host a BYOF (Bring Your Own Floatie!): Have a contest to see who has the best floatie in the neighborhood!
  8. Pool Noodle Creations: See which if your friends can create the best sculpture out of pool noodles, then take it to the water to see who can float on their creation the longest!

The Pool Cleaning Service After Party

No matter what kind of pool party you host, you should ensure your pool is a safe place for your family and your guests by trusting a professional pool cleaning company like ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company to care for the pool. Our trained technicians can discuss swimming pool covers, safety equipment and regular maintenance schedules with you and answer any other questions you may have. When it comes to pool cleaning, ASP is the best in the industry!