How to Care for Swimming Pool Pumps

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As a swimming pool owner, there are a few things you should know when it comes to maintaining your pool. Your swimming pool pump is the heart of the swimming pool’s plumbing system, and much like a car engine needs maintenance to continue running, so does a swimming pool pump. Here are a few basic maintenance tips from the leader in pool cleaning services.

How Often Should I Clean My Pump?

The pool pump is the one component of a pool most likely to break down from wear and tear as it is busy circulating thousands of gallons of water per week through your pool. To maintain the pump and extend its life, you should regularly clean both the pump and surrounding areas to ensure they are free of algae and debris. The cleaning process consists of a few simple steps:

  • Sweep the area around the pump
  • Dust the vents for the fans
  • Clean out your filter to ensure it is not filled with hair, dirt, debris or other items. This step reduced wear and tear on the motor of the pump.
  • Do NOT lubricate the motor as it will damage the rubber seals, and attract dirt and debris to the lubricant
  • Check for leaks and/or torn seals. If any are found they need to be replaced before the pump can be turned back on
  • Check the pressure gauge to ensure the pressure is not over the guidelines for your pool size. If it is 10psi or higher than suggested, it is time to either backwash the pump or clean the filter to ensure it is not putting extra stress on the pipes.

What’s That Noise?

Since swimming pool pumps are motors, they are bound to make a little noise. If, however, you notice that the pump is running louder than usual, or it is producing a high pitched whine, it is a good sign something is not working properly. If you have been performing regular maintenance as advised by your local pool cleaning services, you may be lucky enough to only replace one part instead of the entire motor

By performing weekly maintenance on swimming pool pumps, pool owners will be able to extend the life of their equipment, keep their swimming pools clean and clear, and reduce their electric bill. With benefits like those, a weekly check is well worth the trouble!

For questions or assistance with your swimming pool pumps, contact your local ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company today!