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    • Don't hesitate if you need reliable pool service - hire ASP. I have my first-ever swimming pool and the company that serviced it with the previous owners would just throw in some chemicals and complain if there were any perceived issues. They knew little about the complex mechanical issues with maintaining a pool and had nothing to offer in regards to improving my pool (conversion to salt water, energy efficiency). ASP is part of a nationwide company with deep technical resources and training and Tucson owners are knowledgeable and professional. My pool has been perfectly maintained by ASP technicians, currently Jesse, and I get a comprehensive pool report each week. I'm confidant that nothing will go wrong and I'll get both advice and recommendations to keep my pool working well and looking great.
      - Karen Howe Tucson, AZ
    • We have been using ASP for our pool and spa maintenance for several months and are very pleased with their service. It has been a positive experience working with Jason, and the service is extremely reliable, knowledgeable and thorough. In addition to normal maintenance services, ASP is capable of providing equipment repair and replacement when needed. Although not the least expensive service available, we find their service to be by far the most comprehensive, and when added to their trustworthiness and clear, concise communication after each visit, it is good value.
      - Terry Lewis Tucson, AZ
    • We fired out last pool service bc they would come over literally for 5 x minutes, dump some chemicals in the pool and leave. We started having issues with our pool, keeping chlorine levels, leaks, always dirty and was paying the same amount per month as we were before we hired Justin. We found Justin on Google and he came over for a quote; we immediately noticed his attention to detail and the time he spent analyzing our pool before we hired up and knew it was such a better fit than our last pool guy. Since we have hired him, Justin has totally repaired our pool back to normal; each week he comes over, he sends us a full detailed report of the pool with pictures and a full update. He notifies us ahead of time of things he sees wrong; and keeps at it until the pool is in perfect condition. The skimmers are always emptied, and he leaves the pool in a clean great shape. I highly recommend Justin, his attention to detail is amazing; and he takes care of our pool as if it was his own.
      - Jon Katzen Tucson, AZ
    • After a week of complaining to my old pool service about my pool was now unusable and being told "we'll be right out there" and no one showed and the next call being told "there is a shortage of pool chemicals(a true statement) and we will have to use liquid chlorine" and no liquid chlorine showed up, I decided it was time for a change. Called ASP of Northeast Tucson and the owner showed up. No problem with getting chemicals and the monthly charge was less than my old service. Added chemicals the next day and then again two days later. Then a day later came back with his wife who is the other owner of this company and the pool had turned blue but was still cloudy. Added something to precipitate the solids in the water and after the weekend the pool was perfect. He and his wife had to attend a month long training session and were very professional and hard working. They send a report via email after each visit including photographs if needed to illustrate a point. Still early in their service but I think I will be extremely happy with my choice.
      - Shaun Ryan Tucson, AZ