ASP Pool Experts Urge Locals to Prepare for Severe Weather

The local pool experts at ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company offer tips and advice on preparing your swimming pool in the event of catastrophic weather.

ASP HEADQUARTERS (MACON, GA) ‒ ASP – Site:BusinessName} professionals want to remind pool owners along the coast to protect their swimming pools in the event of a tropical storm or hurricane. ASP provides swimming pool maintenance and cleaning programs, pool equipment diagnostics, pool repairs, pool supplies, pool resurface, and pool renovations to major cities throughout the United States and has specific tips for pool owners in what can be a difficult and dangerous time of year.

As we have learned too well in past weeks, these storms can devastate properties and homes during the hurricane seasons. While not every disaster can be averted, ASP offers the following advice to pool owners to properly prepare their pools for a hurricane, heavy rains, and wind:

  • Do not drain your pool or spa before the storm, even though it may sound like the right thing to do with an abundance of rain on the way. Instead, leave the pool or spa full. With additional water from heavy rain, the underground water table will rise which can cause an empty pool to “pop” out of the ground!
  • Turn off all electrical components on your swimming pool equipment. For example, be sure to turn off all of the breakers supplying power to your pump, lights, heater, etc. which will help stop power surges from damaging equipment. This precaution may protect the equipment if your property is flooded. Also, be sure that the equipment completely dries before restoring power.
  • Do not put a cover on the pool during the storm. Strong winds may cause severe damage or rip the cover off of the pool.
  • Be sure to store and secure all poolside furniture, floats, and anything that is not tied or attached to the deck. High winds can potentially turn those loose items into flying projectiles!
  • A few days before the storm hits, you can add additional chlorine and shock to your swimming pool in preparation of the abundance of rain. Too much water will have a negative impact on the water chemistry.
  • After the storm, call a local pool professional to assist with cleaning out the debris in your pool quickly, as prompt removal will help avoid pool staining. Only drain the excess water from the pool down to mid-tile line (or mid skimmer), so your skimmer can help clean the surface of the pool. Finally, they will test the water chemistry and add necessary chemicals to balance out the pool.

The recent images from Hurricane Harvey remind us how frightening and dangerous hurricane season can be. Make sure you keep these tips handy to prepare for the next big storm. ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company  is prepared for all weather, and ASP professional teams are ready to help you with your swimming pool needs. To find an ASP near you visit the website.

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