ASP Announces “2012 Employee of the Year”

Macon, GA – ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company announces the “2012 Employee of the Year” in Savannah, GA at the annual Owner’s Meeting.  Nominations were submitted by ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company owners.  The employee must be a full-time employee that has worked at least one year for the company and is a valuable asset to his/her location.

Macus Kuja, General Manager, ASP of Glynn County, GA is this year’s “Employee of the Year” recipient.  Mr. Kuja has been working for ASP of Glynn County since it was launched in 2008. “I know he will always do what is best for ASP of Glynn County and I have never had to worry if the job was getting done,” stated Rex Putnal, Owner of ASP of Glynn Co. and ASP of Savannah. 

ASP’s Founder and CEO, Stewart Vernon stated, “Mr. Kuja is more than just the General Manager for ASP of Glynn County.  He runs the company as if he were the owner.  He is the reason ASP of Glynn County has grown each and every year and he truly represents our company’s belief that providing exceptional customer service is our number one priority.”  

About ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company 

ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company, the Nation’s most respected swimming pool maintenance and repair franchise, was established in 2001 by Stewart Vernon of Macon, Georgia. The company was built on the belief that providing the highest-quality pool maintenance with competitive pricing and a high level of dependability will attract customers. Since 2005, ASP has expanded into 110 territories in the Southeast, servicing over 200 cities and 12 states across the country. at this point, the company manages over 80 million gallons of water per week and renovates or remodels more than 250 pools each year. For information, please visit