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Chlorine Tablet Shortages and Advantages of Saltwater Pool Systems

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Hurricane Laura's Affect on the Supply of Tri-Chlor Chlorine Tablets

We want to inform you of an issue that has come up, which will affect many of your pools. The recent Hurricane Laura caused a fire in a chemical manufacturing plant in Louisiana. This plant supplied much of North America's supply of Tri-Chlor chlorine tablets. Tri-Chlor is in many of your pools (any non-salt system pool) and it provides stabilized and balanced chlorine to the pool water. Without Tri-Chlor, even treated pool water can turn green within a matter of a day or two. Currently, we are seeing a 40% price increase of Tri-Chlor tablets, but we at ASP are going to absorb that cost at least until the next swim season in 2021. Depending on how long it takes to secure a new line of chlorine manufacturing, this problem may go away before Spring of 2021. However, if it doesn't go away before then, we may have to do one of two things. One possibility is that we may have to increase our monthly maintenance rates by $30 per month for those customers that do not have salt systems. This assumes that we still have access to Tri-Chlor tablets, but just have to pay a premium for them. The second possibility is that we completely run out of Tri-Chlor production and can't purchase it even at a premium. We wanted to send this out now, so that you can consider converting your pool to a salt-system. Pools with salt-systems do not require the use of Tri-Chlor, and therefore will be unaffected by the price increase or drop in production.

Salt-System Conversions

Also, to consider, if we get to Spring 2021 and we lose Tri-Chlor production, the demand for salt-systems will sky-rocket. So we wanted you to have this information with plenty of time to make a decision. Furthermore, because of this unfortunate situation, we are offering a 10% discount on any salt-system conversion. We will offer this until the end of February 2021.