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Tips for Pool Maintenance Over the Winter Season

Pool in the winter

Homeowners often suspend or cancel their pool maintenance service during the Winter season. They believe it's logical. The logic however, may be based upon incomplete information. As a pool professional, we need to inform you, as our customers and other homeowners with pools what cold water can do to a pool over the Winter.

Please share this information with other pool owners. We want to provide pool owners with honest and valuable information that protects their swimming pool investment. Then you can make a better and more informed decision with respect to your pool.

Tips for Pool Maintenance Over the Winter Season

  • Damages to your pool services and equipment will occur during the Winter. Because no one is really paying attention to the pool. DO NOT IGNORE your pool in the off season. Regardless of whether your pool freezes or temperatures get down to only 40 or 50 degrees, water temperature always matters.

  • Water chemistry is very complex. There are two sides of it: 1) water quality and 2) water balance. Everyone knows about water quality because it keeps your water safe from diseases, germs, and algae. It's why you always want to see clear and clean water conditions. This makes you happy. Water balance keeps your water happy. Measuring and managing the pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, TDS and CYA helps protect your surfaces and equipment.  Without a close eye, your pool can etch, deteriorate, fade or even scale. Water chemistry is adjusted to the water taking into consideration temperature and conditions.

  • Typically, in the Winter, people worry less about the sanitation.  Algae doesn't reproduce or disease doesn't flourish in cold conditions. However, cold temperatures do impact the water balance. So, it makes sense, when the weather is warm and people want to swim you pay for a pool service. It seems like there is a direct relationship between the money being spent on pool service and the benefits received.

  • If you regard pool service as an unnecessary cost in the off-season, then we haven't done a good job of clarifying what you are spending you money on. We all know; pools aren’t cheap. But pools boost a home value and more importantly, they provide family and friends with great moments. 

  • We pay for insurance. We do preventative maintenance on our large home systems.  We even get our homes inspected after major storms.  We put extra time an effort into watering our landscape. We hire professional for pest control.  You need to think of Winter pool service in the same manner.

  • Winter pool service is an insurance plan. Many pool companies offer will have a partial service (chemistry balancing services) during Winter months that will maintain your water balance and chemistry and reduce the long-term maintenance costs. Partial service replaces the “full” pool service of brushing and vacuuming. And while it won't be for pool owners who have heavy landscaping, it allows a pool professional in your backyard to protect your investment year-round.  Your pool company will let you know when problems occur. Yes, there is a cost to Winter pool service. But it’s less than the costs of cold-water damage to your surface and equipment, not to mention frozen pipes or equipment. Weekly pool service in Winter months can prevent thousands of dollars of damage.

Don’t ignore your pool water chemistry in Winter months. Call us today at (214) 503-7171 to discuss Winter pool services.