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Pool Leak Detection & Repair


When you have a leak in your pool, you don't know where to start. If you aren't noticing any water on the equipment pad, it's likely the leak is underground.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about locating or repairing your pool leak when you call ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company. We inspect in-ground pools, and spas for leaks thoroughly. Avoid any serious issues and unnecessary expenses in pool ownership by locating and repairing your underground leak as soon as possible.

   Common Signs You Have a Swimming Pool Leak
   You may suspect you have a leak but trying to determine if your pool leaks is hard. Special sonar equipment and properly trained divers can help you.  Proper techniques and personnel are needed to ensure that the leak is fixed and repaired properly.            

 Your pool might be leaking if:

  • Water loss of more than a ¼-inch of water a day
  • Constantly requires more water or the autofill is running all the time
  • Grassy areas around the pool area are soggy
  • Cracks in or around your pool deck from shifting ground
  • Noticeable air bubbles from cracks inside the pool or you start to notice rust on the plaster inside the pool
  • A large air bubble in the pump pot or coming out return jets

           Call for Accurate Leak Detection & Repair
   ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company is a team of experienced, highly-skilled, and knowledgeable pool professionals. Highly rated on Google, Facebook and Yelp, we handle most pool projects and/or leak repairs. All our technicians are also background checked and drug tested for your peace of mind when you see someone in your backyard. We are dedicated to providing high-quality pool services, and a great customer experience. Our mission is to serve our customers, co-workers and community.

Let us do the work for you! 214-503-7171