3 Tips for In-Ground Pool Lighting

Pool with lighting

Are you interested in making your in-ground pool shine with unique lighting features? With warm air heating the summer nights and major summer celebrations right around the corner, there is no better time than now to make sure your pool is well-lit. Consider these three tips to ensure you get the ultimate experience from your in-ground pool lighting.

One of the hottest trends in the pool world right now is colored lights. And we’re not talking one solid color throughout, we’re talking different colors in different areas of your pool. Consider lighting the shallow end with a warm color like yellow, and the deep end with something cool like green, or vice versa. Install red and blue bulbs for the Fourth of July, or play with a variety of different colored bulbs in every light. You can also highlight your hot tub, kiddie pool, fountain, waterfall or other features around your pool to give off a unique, captivating look.

Like many things in today’s world, when it comes to in-ground pool light bulbs, you have options, including:

1. Different Colors For Different Spaces

2.Know Your Bulbs

  • LED lights are the most popular option for pool lighting because they have an exceptionally long lifespan and emit bright, crisp light. Each bulb lasts an average of 30,000 hours – five times longer than fiber optic bulbs and six times longer than incandescents. Better yet, LEDs don’t have filaments meaning they don’t emit heat.
  • Fiber Optic Lights were the go-to choice at the turn of the millennium and are still commonly used today. These lights operate by sending electricity from a dry box on the pool patio, through fiber optic cables and into the pool wall where the cable ends and emits light throughout the pool.
  • Incandescent lights are the least affordable option of pool lighting. Because they have a short lifespan, these lights – which operate by emitting filament and sending electrical currents through a wire – require a substantial amount of upkeep and maintenance.

3. Collaborate Colors

As previously mentioned in Tip 1, adding colored lighting to your inground pool adds an aesthetically pleasing element that you just don’t get with white bulbs. Instead of mixing colors, consider collaborating shades to achieve a velvety, smooth look. Layer reds, pinks, and oranges to get a tye-dye effect, or combine greens and blues to give a cool hue. Whatever your mood, decor, or event calls for, play around with similar colored bulbs to enhance and highlight your pool.

Remember, the key to enjoying your pool is to have fun. So experiment and play around with different types, colors, and shades of light bulbs until you get the look and feel you’re after. And be sure your pool maintenance is in the best hands by partnering with ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company, the pool maintenance pros. With years of experience and friendly service, ASP can help you make sure your pool and your pool lighting are in the best shape possible. Call us today!